Core Role Designer

Core Role Designer

A modern approach to implementing best in class role-based access control for your organization

What is Role Based Access Control?

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Role Based Access Control (RBAC) is the concept of assigning users system access based on the needs and responsibilities of their job. It allows large enterprises to group those with common requirements into roles. Instead of creating access requirements for each individual, employees can be assigned access based strictly off their role. RBAC software allows for the creation and saving of these roles. 

 A fully deployed RBAC program promises to deliver improved compliance, more efficient provisioning, and increased security posture for your organization. 

Role Management with a Visualization-First Approach

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Core Role Designer brings an innovative, new approach to designing roles. Our visualization-first approach allows role creators to make intelligent decisions about which entitlements should be included in a role, and which users should be assigned to this role. Instead of relying on role mining, Core Role Designer’s visualization shows logical groupings of people and entitlements that give you the intelligence, the power, and the control to help you create the right roles for your organization.

Access a collection of identity governance resources and tools for protecting your organization.

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Create Right Roles

Logical groupings of people and entitlements gives you the intelligence and the control to help you create the right roles for your organization.

Make Intelligent Decisions

Gain deep understanding about people and the access they have to create the best roles possible for the whole organization.

Support Across Systems

You can create roles that contain entitlements to any number of systems. There is no dependency on integrations with obscure applications.

Get going. Now.

Core Role Designer is cloud delivered, tool agnostic, and can work with your existing provisioning and governance solutions. 

Get more with the Visual Identity Suite 

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The Visual Identity Suite is a visual-based user interface that allows end business users to quickly and accurately complete tasks. The suite includes both Core Role Designer and Core Certify, to help accelerate role design and ensure certification accuracy.
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