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Trusted by Clients for over 37 years, Security Consulting Services (SCS) delivers comprehensive penetration testing for a variety of targets. Our team evaluates the security of an asset with a tailored penetration test - creating and executing active real-world attacks. Our Security Consulting Services team is composed of cybersecurity professionals, specializing in ethical hacking to help your organization protect itself from real world attackers. Their tests uncover flaws and security weaknesses across your IT environment, from workstations and enterprise servers to IoT devices like tablets and smart TVs. Take a proactive approach to security by having your defenses tested by our experts before they are breached by an outside attacker. Thwart attacks and help meet your compliance requirements without the need for additional infrastructure or staff.
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Application Security

SCS identifies weaknesses in mobile, web, and desktop applications through tailored evaluations and detailed source code inspection.
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Network Security

Our team attempts to get past your organization’s firewall, then finds and exploits vulnerabilities using a detailed attack information.
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Cloud Security

The Security Consulting Services team uses a comprehensive approach specific to cloud infrastructure to test the resilience of your cloud services.
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Social Engineering

Our experts will see if your human network are susceptible to risk with social engineering tests like phishing or spear-phishing.
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IoT Security

Our specialists pinpoint risk in all of your devices, from smart phones to security cameras.

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