Healthcare Cybersecurity and Access Management Solutions

Ensure healthcare data security, protect sensitive assets, and support ongoing HIPAA compliance to keep your organization focused on what matters most—your patients

The Importance of Healthcare Information Security

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Healthcare organizations face extraordinary challenges in a dynamic, complex landscape. During the last two decades, the healthcare industry has seen increasing regulations, an acceleration of technology and workforce growth, acquisitions and consolidation, and the pressure to increase operational efficiencies and decrease overall costs, while meeting growing patient demands. The pressures to comply with regulations, coupled with pressures to compete with other healthcare organizations, also make for a challenging environment. 

Healthcare records are also some of the most valuable in the world to attackers because they contain highly sensitive data, including social security numbers, bank information, and personal health information. 

Addressing these issues, while staying focused on delivering quality patient care, means healthcare organizations must continually do more with less. Core Security understands how valuable personal health information is and provides leading healthcare cybersecurity solutions to keep that data safe. By intelligently and continually monitoring your vulnerabilities and access risks, you can empower healthcare professionals to deliver the highest quality of care possible, while protecting valuable patient data across all of your business environments. 

The Increase in Healthcare Data Breaches


In addition to healthcare data security, healthcare has other unique cybersecurity challenges. This can include medical device hijacking and ransomware attacks, where essential machines like X-Rays, pacemakers, and life-support devices have malware planted. Once installed, this malware can then move throughout the network to infect other devices, applications, and even the entire system. Most concerning, these attacks can cause medical devices to malfunction—putting lives at risk. 



Another healthcare identity and access management challenge is the constantly mobile workforce, where healthcare professionals require the same access to do their jobs no matter where they are—increasing the likelihood of data breaches. In order to mitigate data breaches in healthcare, you have to stay on top of access challenges. If you don’t, the cost of a healthcare data breach is very high. On average, according to the Cost of a Data Breach Report by the Ponemon Institute, healthcare data breaches cost more than $6.45 million across the sector, higher than any other industry. 

Advancing HIPAA Compliance Through Network Security


With pressure to ensure sensitive health information is protected, and to comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), healthcare organizations today are required to regularly prepare and certify for HIPAA audits. Compliance today is not only more challenging, but also more important than ever before. It requires that healthcare organizations collect information related to data access controls, methods of monitoring activity related to electronic personal health information, integrity monitoring, authentication, and transmission security. And without the proper tools, HIPAA reporting becomes a tremendous burden for your organization.


Identity Governance and Administration (IGA)

Our Identity governance solutions enable healthcare organizations to properly manage access to systems, devices, and applications, and ensure ongoing HIPAA compliance. 



We understand the constant pressure to keep your data, your patients, and your employees safe. Our healthcare cybersecurity and healthcare access management solutions allow you to do more than pass your HIPAA audit. They enable you to become fully compliant by continuously monitoring and prioritizing your organization's access risk to ensure that only the right people have access to the right information at the right time. 

Learn how to better protect your healthcare organization so you can focus on what matters most.

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Solution Benefits

Meet Regulatory Compliance

The significant amount of personal health information that healthcare organizations must protect has led to the rise in increased regulatory compliance over the last 20 years. Since its passage, the demands of HIPAA continue to increase for ensuring sensitive health data is secure and health organizations are compliant. Our Identity Governance and Administration solutions allow you to proactively monitor your organization for potential risks to ensure compliance in a highly regulated industry.

Increase Operational Efficiencies

Ensuring healthcare organizations increase visibility into the effectiveness of their defenses and address only those risks that pose a serious threat is essential to creating efficiencies. This means healthcare systems should prioritize risks and then work to actively address their vulnerabilities. With healthcare cybersecurity solutions like industry-leading penetration testing, our solutions enable security teams to spend their time more effectively—and support those healthcare professionals in delivering for their patients.

Reduce Healthcare IT Costs

Healthcare organizations are primary targets for attacks with the amount of sensitive data they protect. Investing in leading identity governance solutions for healthcare cybersecurity enables health organizations to significantly decrease the risk of attack and allows IT security teams to prioritize more important initiatives for the organization. With automated provisioning, mobile password reset, and tools to enable easier HIPAA certification and compliance, security teams also spend less time on administrative tasks and more time protecting your network. Reducing risk also potentially saves millions of dollars in response to a healthcare data breach.

Decrease the Threat Surface

Health systems, hospitals, and healthcare organizations hold millions of patient records and other sensitive information for many years. By assuring the right health professionals have the right access to these records, health organizations reduce the risk for compromising that healthcare data. With leading-edge IGA solutions, the threat surface is reduced by more effectively managing user accounts, streamlining the provisioning process, and decreasing identity related risks.