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"I have chosen to work with SecureAuth + Core Security because of the company's enlightened approach to addressing cybersecurity challenges."
John O. Brennan, former CIA Director and SecureAuth + Core Security Advisory Board Member
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Introducing the Visual Identity Suite
Gain a better understanding of user roles and entitlements with a visual-first approach to role creation and certification. See clearly your entitlements.
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New Release: Core Impact 18.1
Core Impact is an easy-to-use penetration testing tool that enables your security team to exploit security weaknesses, increase productivity, and improve efficiencies.
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Free eBook: A Simple Guide to Successful Pen-Testing
This eBook provides a simple guide to explain both penetration testing's purpose and a basic guide to getting you there.

We provide complete solutions

Over 1 million cyber-attacks happen every day. Core Security’s analytics-driven approach to security and remediation enables customers to manage access and identify vulnerabilities to minimize risks and maintain continuous compliance. 

By sharing intelligence across various security disciplines, customers can automate manual processes using consistent data, prioritization methods, and reporting, to cut remediation time, reduce risk, and ultimately secure critical assets from both the user access and infrastructure vulnerability perspective. 

Core Security enables enterprises to take a more comprehensive and predictive approach to safeguarding critical data and assets. 

Reduce IT Cost

Through automated recertification and provisioning processes you can significantly reduce overhead costs and prioritize risks to remediate substantial threats, saving you from a costly breach.

Reduce Threat Surface

A single view of all of your accounts, users, and their access gives you total insight and control over your network. By prioritizing and testing for risks, you can eliminate substantial vulnerabilities and quickly reduce the impact of a potential threat.

Increase Efficiency

By correctly provisioning user access and requiring multi-factor authentication you can more effectively secure your user credentials. Save time and resources by identifying, prioritizing and focusing on the most critical risks that can lead to a breach.

Improve Compliance

Instant insight, context, and actionable intelligence provides a comprehensive view of your security posture. Monitor, analyze, and troubleshoot in real time to manage risk, maintain compliance, and meet regulatory requirements.