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Our world has shifted dramatically over the last few weeks. Many people have moved from shock to acceptance as the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has taken hold across the world, across our nation, in our states, in our communities, and even in our organizations. Companies…

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Organizations today may have a false sense of security when it comes to the security of their own environments. In fact, there are numerous ways companies make it easier for threat actors to gain access into their systems undetected. To complicate matters even…

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Network Security Challenges for Organizations with a Remote Workforce

Recently, the need for being able to work remotely has dominated the news, making it clear that the ability to connect from anywhere may soon become the norm for more businesses and industries than ever before. While remote work may be coveted by…

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Common Security Concerns

Reasons for Penetration Testing What common security risks/entry points are you most concerned about? One of the questions asked in our 2020 Pen Testing Survey was about what common security risks that respondents were most concerned about. While misconfiguration (77%) and phishing (72%) were the…

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In part three, we learned how to analyze the first two exercises (stacks), using the three interactive disassemblers, IDA FREE, RADARE, and GHIDRA. In this next part, we will continue our analysis with stack three and stack four. However, before that we need to…

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No matter how mature your organization is in its identity governance approach, there’s one thing you may be overlooking that poses a huge risk to your business. Hidden access. How confident are you that you have revealed all the hidden access risks that…

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Mitigating access-related risks is increasingly challenging in today’s complex business environment. The chaos that results from supporting countless devices, applications, and systems with access to key data is harder to manage than ever before. Many organizations today lack the resources of larger, global…

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Lessons learned from a data breach

Data breaches have been plaguing organizations for years, and the numbers continue to climb. After a breach, an organization goes into survival mode—trying to recover data, reestablish trust, and ensure they can keep their business running. It’s understandable that there isn’t much leisure…

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In part two of this series, we learned to solve the exercise stack1 using x64dbg, debugging tool that allows us to analyze a program by running it, tracing it, even allowing us to set breakpoints, etc. In those tools we’re not only running the…

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Voice biometrics, or voiceprint technology, has started gaining significant traction within the financial services industry. And for good reason. Passwords alone are no longer sufficient for protecting business-critical assets and applications. Instead, voiceprint technology instantly recognizes the voice patterns unique to each individual…

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