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Core Security, a HelpSystems Company, has long been a strong presence and resilient leader in the Federal cybersecurity markets. With over a decade of experience, Core Security’s innovative solutions have helped serve customers across the sector, including civilian agencies, the Department of Defense (DoD), state and international governments, system integrators, and more. 

Our mission is to meet cybersecurity challenges with intelligent, thoughtful solutions that don’t disrupt the day-to-day. In keeping with that mission, Core Security has and will continue to help federal agencies and aligning organizations to remain compliant, reduce threat surfaces, improve efficiencies, and reduce IT costs by continuously and comprehensively monitoring both infrastructure and access risk.

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As cyber attacks continue to rise, with new malware and malicious actors finding different ways to carry out threats, it is clear that government organizations need to remain at the forefront of IT security in order to protect our national security. Core Security’s robust portfolio prioritizes threat detection and identifying security weaknesses, since the best way to handle an attack is to ensure it never materializes or is caught quickly. Our approach is three-fold:


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Detecting devices that have been compromised, especially those that are not a windows computer, can be a daunting task. With Network Insight, your infrastructure is monitored for activity that indicates a device have been compromised. Unlike most solutions that alert on anything that may look suspicious, Network Insight's agentless approach collects multiple pieces of intelligence and reports with certainty when a device is compromised.

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Threat actors thrive when they can discover gaps in security, exploiting issues that existed before they even started their attacks. Core Impact helps your teams improve your security posture by: 

  • Exploiting security weaknesses in network, web, endpoint, and SCADA environments 
  • Expands the capabilities and productivity of pen testing teams 
  • Automates repetitive and time consuming tasks
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Insiders present a unique problem, since they can’t be denied access altogether, as they require it in order to do their jobs. Our IGA solutions find the balance of security and productivity by practicing least privilege, quick termination of accounts, and monitoring for segregation of duties. Our other solutions also increase awareness of security threats by deploying social engineering tests.

Regulatory Compliance

With so many unique regulations and constant revisions to keep track of, it’s impossible to manually manage compliance. Core Security’s Vulnerability and Access Risk Management solutions enable government agencies to meet and exceed many recommendations from different compliance regimes. Core Security’s solutions are fully equipped to meet several important regulations.


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Security Assessment & Auditing

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Auditing & Reporting

Audits can occur at any time. Core Security helps support vulnerability management programs by validating and prioritizing your vulnerability scan data using Core Impact. Robust system reports can be automatically generated and tailored as needed. Core Security can also help you prepare for an audit by providing a full security assessment from our Security Consulting Services.


Contract Vehicles


As a federal agency, you can access Core Security’s solutions and services through a number of efficient and cost-effective government contract vehicles, including:

  • U.S. General Services Administration (GSA)
  • Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP)
  • CIO-CS
  • DHS FirstSource II
  • Army CHESS
  • Army ITES-3H
  • Various Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA) and State-Wide Vehicles



Core Security is a proud member of AFCEA, an international nonprofit professional association aimed at connecting military, government, and industry for learning about and collaborating on the advancement of security technology.

What are our solutions?



A Tool for Beginners and Experts

Core Impact

Core Impact is a powerful penetration testing platformed designed to enable security teams to conduct advanced tests with ease. 

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Analyze Behaviors and Confirm Threats

Network Insight

Network Insight automatically and accurately identifies any infected device in your network to rapidly prevent loss.

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Extended Provisioning

Identity Governance

Our identity governance and administration (IGA) suite is the most intelligent and efficient path to mitigating identity risk.

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Pen Tester Teaming

Security Consulting Services

Trusted by clients for over 37 years, Security Consulting Services (SCS) delivers comprehensive penetration testing for a variety of targets.

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