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Core Password & Secure Reset

Simple, secure self-service password resets to automate password management and reduce access risks


Ineffective or manual password management is a significant burden to organizations, resulting in increased costs and security risks across the business. Companies that use a strong self-service password management solution, automate self-service password resets, and enforce stronger password policies can significantly reduce reliance on IT resources and decrease potential access risks. That’s why Core Security provides a complete, integrated solution for automated password management. Core Password and Secure Reset work together to provide a convenient and secure password reset solution for your organization. 


Core Password

Core Password is the industry-leading solution for secure self-service password management. With multiple access options, robust service desk integration, and the ability to enforce consistent password policies for any system, application, or web portal, Core Password offers leading self-service password reset capabilities. 

Core Security provides hundreds of enterprise connectors for most leading operating and network systems, platforms, middleware, and applications. This ensures that password policies are consistently enforced. Core Security also offers a Rapid Development Kit that enables you to quickly develop your own connectors for platforms or applications. 


Core Password

Key Features

Self-Service Functionality
Reduce Costs & Increase Efficiency
Device Agnostic
Key Benefits

    Key Benefits

  • Automate end user self-service and simultaneous password resets

  • Enforce strong password policies and reduce potential access risks 
  • Integrate with existing infrastructure, including robust service desk integration 
  • Increase operational efficiencies and reduce helpdesk burden 
  • Create a searchable audit trail of all password reset interactions


Secure Reset

Secure Reset enables organizations to quickly and easily deploy multiple authentication methods through a full suite of out-of-band channels, including mobile app, SMS/text messaging, telephone DTMF, voice biometrics, facial recognition, touch-ID, one-time PIN, and challenge and response question and answer. With Secure Reset authentication, individuals can combine a username and password with items they always carry with them—their mobile phone or their voice. 


Secure Reset

Multiple Access Options & Authentication Methods

Convenient Mobile App

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With our mobile app, users can authenticate via login to their smartphones and through push notifications.

Password Reset Solution Success Story


A leading U.S. telecommunications company, with more than 25 million customers and 80,000 employees, received thousands of password reset calls each month to its IT helpdesk. As a result, live agents were not able to service users in a timely manner, and were unable to complete other important tasks. The company estimated that each password reset call cost approximately $25 in lost productivity for both the caller and the helpdesk agent. Just eight weeks after implementing the Core Security Password Reset solution, the system had automated 95 percent of all password reset calls. Based on the company’s own cost figures, the organization is now saving approximately $90,000 per month and has enrolled nearly every employee into the system.

"Core Security’s Password Management has all of the self-service password reset, support staff reset, and password synchronization capabilities we were looking for, so the decision to implement it enterprise-wide was an easy one.” 

- VP and Support Systems Manager

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