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Voice Biometrics Authentication


Protecting access to business-critical data and applications is essential for organizations, but the increasing costs and security challenges associated with helpdesk assisted password resets has continued to rise. One highly secure alternative that has emerged for quickly and accurately verifying an individual’s identity is voice biometrics authentication. With voiceprint identification technology that instantly recognizes voice patterns, organizations can verify individual identities of users quickly and accurately.

What Is Voice Biometrics Authentication?


Voice biometrics authentication is an intelligent identity authentication solution that offers advanced, secure voiceprint technology to eliminate the manual authentication process. Many organizations are moving toward using secure voice biometric authentication that is fast, convenient, secure, and cost effective. Voice biometrics lowers support overhead and enhances security by requiring users to verify their identity with 'something they are.' This means they use a unique characteristic of themselves, like their voiceprint, and differs from 'something they know,' like a PIN or password, or 'something they have,' like a smartcard, as an authentication factor. 

How Does Voice Biometrics Authentication Work?


Voice biometrics authentication has gained significant traction across industries and organizations worldwide. And for good reason. Voiceprint identification technology instantly recognizes the voice patterns unique to each individual and can authenticate access securely. 

Want to see an example of how voice biometrics authentication actually works? 

The Benefits of Voice Biometrics

Increase Security
Improve Efficiencies
Decrease Costs

Highlights of the Core Security Voice Biometrics Authentication Solution


Embedded calibration, tuning and active learning technology allows the system to optimize accuracy for the accent, language, and channel of the enrolled users.


Business solutions using Core Security are implemented as client-server architecture, using it as a ‘stateless’ resource to perform the requested voice biometric functions.


Specifically designed to comply with international biometric data privacy requirements, including GDPR. Retains no personally identifiable information and the voice print data is anonymized.


New algorithms improve underlying core voice biometric performance for improved omni-channel accuracy and performance in high noise and multi-speaker environments.

Development Toolkit

Communications between the business solution client-side software and Core Security server is through published APIs.

Identity Authentication

Unified voice biometric modes allow implementation of active, passive, and background enrollment and verification, and hybrid solutions to meet advanced business requirements.

Key Features

Robust System Performance

Enable your organization to enroll millions of users in just one hour. Users can choose to enroll and verify from any channel, whether digital or telephone based, or through historical recordings, supporting an omni-channel verification solution. Detect fraud in real-time with Imposter Mapping and Hot List capabilities, allowing millions of voiceprint comparisons every minute.




How Does Voice Biometrics Authentication Relate to
Core Password & Secure Reset?


Companies that use a strong self-service password management solution and enforce stronger password policies can significantly reduce reliance on IT resources and decrease potential access risks. Core Security provides a complete, integrated solution for automated password management. Core Password and Secure Reset work together to provide a convenient and secure password reset solution for organizations. 

Voice Biometrics Authentication from Core Security is part of the Secure Reset solution, enabling organizations to quickly and easily deploy multi-factor authentication through a full suite of out-of-band channels, including mobile app, SMS/text messaging, and telephone DTMF and voice biometrics. With Secure Reset authentication, individuals can combine a username and password with items they always carry with them—their mobile phone or their voice. 

See Core Security Voice Biometrics Authentication in Action 

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