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Simple enough for your first test, powerful enough for the rest. 

Test your environment using the same techniques as today's adversaries.

Maximize your pen testing resources with guided automation and certified exploits from Core Impact to help mitigate risk and protect essential assets. See if Core Impact is the right fit for your organization with a free trial.

Your trial will include access to:

  • Automated Rapid Penetration Tests (RPTs)
  • Multi-vector testing including network, client and web
  • Vulnerability validation of third-party scanner results

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"The functionality with this tool is among the best in the industry. The sales team is very knowledgeable and the documentation is easy to understand. Exceptional enterprise security tool!" Mark, CISO

Why Choose Core Impact?


Core impact is simple enough for your first test, but powerful enough for the rest. Whether you are looking to automate routine testing or simply validate remediation effectiveness, Core Impact can help you meet your penetration testing goals.

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 Use intuitive automation wizards to swiftly discover, test, and report.

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Explore a stable library of professionally written and validated exploits.

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Centralize your pen testing toolkitfrom information gathering to reporting.