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Leading-Edge Security Risk Management Solutions Across Every Industry


Each industry has unique needs and requirements to intelligently manage risk, automate manual processes, and secure critical data and assets. In a complex, dynamic environment, organizations across every industry depend on the right combination of security risk management solutions to decrease their threat surface, reduce IT costs, boost operational efficiencies, and ensure ongoing regulatory compliance. 

Core Security understands the common business drivers and needs of enterprises across each vertical. We work with some of the largest global organizations in every industry, enabling them to do more with less, manage increasing pressures from the business, continuously mitigate risks, and advance regulatory compliance. With industry-leading solutions for every sector, Core Security empowers organizations in healthcare, financial services, government, retail, utilities and energy, and higher education to take a comprehensive and predictive approach for security risk management, enabling them to streamline their IT and business processes, and improve overall business outcomes.


Sensitive data, patient records, and healthcare information is highly valuable to attackers, but many organizations in the healthcare sector do not know how electronic health records (EHR) or electronic protected health information (ePHI) can be impacted by threats from vulnerability and access risks in their system. Core Security provides healthcare organizations with actionable security risk management solutions to protect sensitive assets, guarantee ongoing regulatory compliance to HIPAA for patient privacy, and ensure healthcare organizations and professionals can keep their focus on what matters most—their patients.


Financial Services

Despite stringent compliance mandates across the industry, including Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS), the financial services sector is a high-value target for cybercriminals, cyber terrorists, and enemy states. In a high-stakes threat environment, financial institutions cannot afford to be reactive. Using security risk management solutions from Core Security, financial services companies can easily identify, prioritize, and manage vulnerability and access risks in a continuously changing threat landscape to restore confidence and increase consumer trust in these vital institutions.


Federal Government

Cybersecurity attacks across the public sector continue to increase, so government agencies and organizations must remain at the forefront of security risk management. Core Security offers leading vulnerability and access risk management solutions that enable federal government agencies to remain compliant, adhere to standards established by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), reduce their overall threat surface, improve efficiencies, and reduce costs by continuously and comprehensively monitoring both infrastructure and access risk.



With the volume of transactions retail organizations process each day, as well as the number of servers, devices, and endpoints retailers manage, it can be overwhelming to try and deter, detect, and remediate cyberattacks. That’s why Core Security offers security risk management solutions specifically tailored for the retail industry. Our solutions enable retailers to maintain PCI compliance, and offer true visibility into retail network security, potential vulnerabilities, threats and access risks, so retail organizations can stay ahead of cyberthreats and focus on delivering great customer experiences everyday to drive their business forward.


Energy and Utilities

Utility and energy companies are essential to national infrastructure, so they must be proactive in focusing on threats based on the combination of access risks, vulnerabilities, attack patterns, and known exploits. Companies in this sector, along with standards organizations, have taken extreme measures to protect critical infrastructure devices, SCADA networks, and critical application servers. That’s why Core Security provides leading-edge security risk management solutions that enable utility and energy companies to deter and detect breaches, easily maintain compliance and reduce the overall threat surface across each organization.


Higher Education

Institutions in higher education face numerous security challenges, driven by the need to protect, support, and manage an expansive volume of digital assets that are constantly vulnerable to attack. IT and security teams at colleges and universities are tasked with protecting intellectual property, sensitive personal information like academic, health, and financial data, and a wide range of academic and research pursuits. With higher education cybersecurity solutions from Core Security, security teams can prioritize critical vulnerabilities and access risks to more effectively reduce threats, ensure defensive mechanisms are functioning properly, and prepare for mandated compliance audits.


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