Powertech Antivirus

Native virus protection software for IBM systems (Linux, AIX, & IBM i)

Server-Level Antivirus Protection


Many organizations have diverse technology stacks that run some combination of Windows, Linux, AIX, or IBM i. But most antivirus software solutions are designed just for Windows. Using a native tool that prevents scan failure and security issues helps ensure each platform in your environment is uniquely protected against viruses, worms, and malware threats. 

Powertech Antivirus is the only commercially available server-level antivirus solution, providing native scanning for IBM Power OS Systems, including IBM i, AIX, Linux on Power, and LinuxOne. With one of the most comprehensive sets of virus signatures available on any platform, Powertech Antivirus keeps up-to-date by automatically downloading the latest virus definitions and enhancements.

I’m very happy with the simplicity and the effectiveness of Powertech Antivirus. The product is very easy to install, very easy to comprehend, and very easy to maintain. There was no reason to consider any other options.

Ron Smith, The COMP Performance Group

Key Features 

Enterprise Scanning Technology

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Powertech Antivirus offers the power and protection of a commercial grade scan engine, while supporting the specific features of your operating system. Protect your servers from a comprehensive set of viruses, zero-day threats, ransomware, and more. 


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Stay Ahead of Threats

Watch a comprehensive, on-demand demo to see Powertech Antivirus in action.


Visualize Your Security



Leverage Fortra Insite, an IT operations center that allows you to centrally manage and configure software across your IT organization, and create dynamic dashboards for maximum visibility in your environment. Powertech Antivirus dashboards with Insite provide a high-level view of what is going on in your environment. 
Within this view, you can interact with easy-to-use dashboards to quickly find the status of every endpoint in your infrastructure and read details on any warnings or critical issues that have been reported and may require further action. Identify the number of endpoints at each status level, with the ability to sort, search, and filter as needed.

Simplify Compliance With Centralized Reporting

Antivirus Report Daily Summary



Many regulations today require server-level malware protection. Powertech Antivirus makes compliance and audit reporting easy by automatically logging:

  • Scanning activity
  • Infections found
  • Changes made by any users
  • Malware removal/quarantining

Formatted reports can be generated from the centralized management console, ensuring that everything you need is available in one place.

Download Sample Report

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Ready to Protect Your Critical Servers?

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