Why Endpoint Antivirus Belongs in Your Security Environment

Most organizations are vigilant about scanning their workstation PCs. Unfortunately, malware and other destructive entities can just as easily target your servers, both on-premise or in the cloud, so many environments remain unprotected. 

Endpoint antivirus software is used to provide virus protection to endpoints, like servers, which connect to enterprise networks. Endpoint antivirus software plays an important role in security by helping to ensure the corporate network and critical systems are safeguarded. Endpoint management approaches security with a holistic view that goes beyond Windows workstation scanning to protect other endpoints with different platforms against viruses, worms, and malware threats.

Bob Erdman, Security Product Manager at Core Security, discusses the importance of focusing on every endpoint, and how endpoint antivirus software can serve a critical function in your security profile. During this webinar, Bob will discuss:

  • Common types of attacks
  • What endpoint antivirus solutions do
  • Native OS scanning
  • Compliance regulations
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