Secure and Convenient Password Reset

Simple, automated password resets with Core Password and Secure Reset

Ineffective password management is a significant burden to organizations, resulting in increased costs and security vulnerabilities. But companies that use a strong self-service password management solution can decrease service desk call volume by up to 80 percent. Core Security provides a complete, integrated solution for secure telephone-based password resets. 

Core Password and Secure Reset work together to provide a convenient and secure password reset solution. Secure Reset authentication enables organizations to quickly and easily deploy multi-factor authentication through a full suite of out-of-band channels, including Mobile App, SMS/text messaging, and telephone DTMF and voice biometrics.

Empower Individual Users with an Interactive, Easy-to-Use Telephone-Based Solution

If telephone is the preferred authentication method over SMS or Mobile App, Secure Reset offers the option for individual users to easily authenticate through keypad (DTMF), challenge and response, and/or voice biometrics. 

Interactive voice response (IVR) provides the traditional keypad reset option, where users can dial with a touch tone phone and answer numeric questions on the keypad to authenticate. If voice biometrics is the chosen authentication method, then the unique voiceprint of the caller is used to verify his or her identity. 

Voice Password Reset Solution Success Story

A leading U.S. telecommunications company, with more than 25 million customers and 80,000 employees, received thousands of password reset calls each month to its IT helpdesk. As a result, live agents were not able to service users in a timely manner, and were unable to complete other important tasks. The company estimated that each password reset call cost approximately $25 in lost productivity for both the caller and the helpdesk agent. Just eight weeks after implementing the Voice Password Reset solution from Core Security, the system had automated 95 percent of all password reset calls. Based on the company’s own cost figures, the organization is now saving approximately $90,000 per month and has enrolled every employee into the system. 

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Core Password is the industry-leading solution for secure, self-service password management. It features multiple access options, robust service desk integration, and the ability to enforce consistent password policies for any system, application, or web portal.

Benefits of Self-Service Password Management with Core Password

By including telephone-based password resets as part of the Core Password implementation, you can: 

  • Automate password resets
  • Enhance authentication security with voice verification 
  • Increase operational efficiencies and reduce helpdesk burden 
  • Create a searchable audit trail of all password reset interactions