Core Password

Automated Password Management

Empower Users with Automated Password Management

Password resets are the number one source of service desk calls, and most support centers report an increase in call volume each year - a number expected to continue to grow as employees require access to an increasing number of applications, devices and environments in order to remain productive. And most employees, overwhelmed by the number of passwords they have to manage, forget their passwords or break security protocols by writing them down. 

Free your help desk staff from repetitive routine tasks and improve productivity. Help your users to help themselves while strengthening security practices. A strong self- service password management solution will achieve a rapid ROI by reducing service desk call volume up to 80%. 

Core Password is the industry leader for secure, self-service password management. It features multiple access options, robust service desk integration and the ability to enforce consistent password policies for any system, application, or web portal.


How it Works

Core Password offers self-service password reset capabilities and enables your users to use a single password across multiple systems. Core Security offers hundreds of enterprise connectors for most leading operating and network systems, platforms, middleware and applications. This ensures that password policies are consistently enforced while using the native format for each target system. Core Security also offers a Rapid Development Kit (RDK) that enables you to quickly develop your own connectors for platforms or applications not currently supported.


Features and Benefits

Password Self-Service and Profile Management enables your users to privately and securely register and maintain their authentication questions and answers and their personal profile information directly within your enterprise directories or corporate databases. Self-service capabilities help you reduce support costs, deliver more personalized service, and ensure the privacy and integrity of your users’ digital identities. 

Flexible options for managing password synchronization include:

  • Selective Synchronization: enables end users to choose individual accounts and passwords from list of eligible systems 
  • Full Synchronization: enables password changes to be propagated to all connected systems

Thanks to built-in intelligence, Core Password knows which resets have been initiated by native tools versus Core Password, avoiding “double loops” of resets. 

Core Password offers multiple access options, including Web access, desktop access, telephone, voice recognition, secure kiosk, and service desk access. Core Password integrates with all leading service desk applications, and automatically opens and manages service desk tickets, ensuring rapid service delivery and accurate security audit and service level reporting.


Security Capabilities

  • Authentication: Create custom challenge/response question and answer pairs to ensure fast, secure self-service authentication 
  • Selective Synchronization: Group systems or applications sharing similar requirements; exclude platforms and applications that should not be synchronized 
  • Audit Trails: Automatically capture the details for every password reset request in service tickets within your existing service desk application or database 
  • Notifications: Automatically open, populate and close service tickets for real-time security audit and service- level reports. Configure email to confirm password reset actions or warn of suspicious activity


Infrastructure Integration

  •  Database and Directory Integration: Leverage existing sources of user data (employee, business partner, and customer) to quickly create password management workflows 
  • Workflow Flexibility: Dynamic communities provide granular control over password management workflows 
  • Adaptable Web Pages: Core Password can be easily modified to reflect the look and feel of your company’s support portal, Intranet, or website. Multi-language support provides user interfaces in a variety of non-English languages
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  • Automate end user self-service and unlimited simultaneous password resets 
  • Rapid ROI through reduced help desk calls
  • Enforce strong password policies and reduce potential access vulnerabilities 
  • Multiple password reset user interface options 
  • Integrates with your existing infrastructure, including robust service desk integration