What Is Identity and Access Management (IAM)?

Identity and Access Management is an essential part of overall IT security that manages digital identities and user access to data, systems, and resources within an organization. IAM security includes the policies, programs, and technologies that reduce identity-related access risks within a business.

Access Management

As a critical security function, IAM enables companies to not just respond to changes in the business, but also become more proactive in anticipating identity-related access risks that result from the dynamic business environment.

According to the 2021 Identity and Access Management Report, 87 percent of organizations confirm that IAM is important in their risk management and security posture. This confirmation of IAM as a strategic imperative means it should be viewed from a cross-functional perspective of stakeholders—from business leaders, IT and security teams, customers, auditors, employees, contractors and non-employees, vendors and partners.

A solid approach to IAM enables organizations to mitigate risks, improve compliance, and increase efficiencies across the enterprise. That’s why overseeing appropriate access through the right IAM framework goes a long way towards bolstering risk management within the organization and closing the gap on overall IAM risk.

Why Do Organizations NeedIdentity and Access Management?


Streamline identity and access management with end-to-end coverage for every use case. Effectively manage role creation, requests, approvals, removals, and certification across your organization. Simplify the work of your team with automated workflows and fast access to important assets. 


Avoid security breaches by continuously monitoring for policy violations and vulnerabilities and by uncovering problems hidden in large volumes of data. Quickly and reliably conduct analyses, find patterns, identify anomalies, and spot trends. Strengthen risk management by reducing vulnerabilities immediately and by highlighting individuals and resources associated with high risks. 


Identify and manage access rights for applications and strictly control access to sensitive data in adherence to regulations like SOX, HIPAA, and the GDPR. Immediately respond to audit demands to prove compliance with built-in reporting capabilities.

What Do Identity and Access Management Solutions Do?


Identity and Access Management solutions enable organizations to ensure greater control of user access. By identifying, authenticating, and authorizing users, while prohibiting unauthorized ones, IAM tools and solutions improve the efficiency and effectiveness of access management and identity governance throughout the business.
What Do Identity and Access Management Solutions Do?

Increase Operational Efficiencies

IAM empowers organizations to do more with less. Many security teams today are understaffed and overextended, but are expected to manage and protect increasing numbers of devices, data, users, and systems. By leveraging IAM programs to automate and streamline access management, organizations can boost operational efficiencies. One study found that 49 percent of organizations view operational efficiency as an IAM program driver.


Tools and Technologies Used in Identity and Access Management

Organizations today typically use leading IAM security tools through best of breed solution partners—from identity governance solutions to privileged access management to access intelligence tools offered either on premise, on cloud or through hybrid model. These tools make up the technology solutions that support the overall IAM security framework and are essential in establishing a solid foundation for identity and access management.

Identity Governance & Administration
Privileged Access Management
Access Intelligence

What Are Identity Analytics and How Do They Improve IAM?

Organizations that want to mitigate identity-related access risks should begin by leveraging intelligence to understand what risks are most pressing in their organization. In fact, the success of identity and access management programs can be greatly improved through identity analytics that increase visibility and insight into an environment.


Defining Identity Analytics

According to Gartner, identity analytics are the next evolution of identity governance and access management. Identity analytics combine big data and advanced analytics to detect access-related risks and enhance IAM programs. Further, identity analytics enable organizations to evaluate where the greatest identity-related risks exist based on key insights and then address over-provisioned users, unused or unnecessary entitlements, orphaned accounts, and other critical access risks to strengthen the overall IAM program.

Identity and Access Management Solutions from Core Security

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