Healthcare Identity Governance 101: Six Proven Strategies for Tackling the Biggest Healthcare Information Security Challenges

Healthcare organizations today face extraordinary challenges in a complex landscape. With increasing regulations, the acceleration of technology, and the demand to do more with less, health systems must address these issues head on, while staying focused on delivering quality patient care.

Data breaches in healthcare cost more than $6.45 million on average—higher than any other industry. So the pressure to protect sensitive health information has never been greater. That’s where healthcare identity and access management (IAM) comes in, enabling healthcare organizations to intelligently and efficiently manage who has access to what systems and when.

View our on-demand webinar, tailored specifically for healthcare organizations looking to tackle their biggest IAM challenges. Featuring Mike Lynch, Senior Sales Engineer at Core Security, a Fortra Company, this insightful webinar examines:

  • Key issues and trends within the healthcare industry related to identity governance
  • The most pressing access-related challenges healthcare organizations face today
  • The top drivers of identity governance in healthcare
  • Six actionable strategies for improving the quality and efficiency of identity governance programs
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