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Ready to Leverage Intelligent Access Control?

Core Access Assurance Suite is an ideal identity governance and administration that will bolster your IT environment without sacrificing productivity. This bundle of four solutions can be rapidly deployed, quickly providing streamlined provisioning, intelligent automation, and actionable analytics.

Why Choose Core Access Assurance Suite?

Core Access Assurance Suite provides organizations with end-to-end coverage with identity and access management tools that enable:

  • Strengthened compliance: Attest to compliance with relevant government and industry regulations with thorough reporting and auditing capabilities.
  • Least privilege enforcement: Provide employees with only the access they need, eliminating excess privileges, orphaned accounts, and segregation of duty violations.
  • Efficient business processes: Swiftly manage changes big and small, from transfers and layoffs to mergers and acquisitions, with advanced intelligence and predictive analytics.
  • Reduced costs: Eliminate unnecessary IT administrative overhead while still unloading the burden of of helpdesk workers.

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