Core Certify

Simplify access reviews, reduce certification fatigue, and mitigate identity risks with an intelligent, visual-first approach



Reviewing endless rows of entitlements without the necessary context to certify access is overwhelming and complicated. And it often leads to rubber stamping, which causes security risks, inaccuracies, and an excessive distribution of access. As part of the Visual Identity Suite (VIS), Core Certify simplifies the access certification process, while reducing identity-related risks. With Core Certify, companies can leverage a visual-first approach to clearly and quickly see common user entitlements and rapidly identify outliers. Accelerate and improve the accuracy of access reviews and approvals with the ability to easily and intelligently view user access and entitlements within the same dashboard.  

Streamlining the Access Review Process


Evaluating entitlements without adequate user context is time consuming and highly complex. Yet this is a common practice and can lead to inaccuracies and excessive distribution of access across the workforce. Underprovisioning users can also lead to increased risk and a lack of productivity if credential sharing occurs or specific users do not have the right access to do their jobs. For organizations to build a more effective identity governance program, they must empower managers and approvers to simplify the access review process.

The best way to do this is through streamlined visualization of common user entitlements. This enables reviewers to quickly and easily compare access to others, adding essential context during the review process. Core Certify delivers a visual-first approach by automatically clustering like-access together to simplify the access review and certification process. As part of the cloud-delivered VIS suite, managers can now accept or reject clusters of access—with just a few clicks—saving time, increasing accuracy, and reducing certification fatigue.

What Does Core Certify Do?


Simplifies the Complexity of Access Certifications

Certification reviews are complicated by a constantly changing group of users, compliance requirements, and system entitlements. With endless rows of entitlements to review, rubber stamping or bulk approvals are common—and that can lead to users having too much or too little access, which can magnify risks in your business. With Core Certify, you can enable access reviewers and managers the ability to easily accept or reject clusters of access—with just a few clicks—so you can streamline the entire access review process, saving time, boosting efficiencies, and enforcing least privilege access across your business. 

Reveals Common Entitlements

Without enough context in reviewing user access, managers may make uninformed decisions or simply give-up and approve everyone. With Core Certify, there are no more endless rows of entitlements to look through or outdated data to work from. Visualizations show you exactly what entitlements each user has, including nested or hidden entitlements, in a clear, concise view. The ability to see common clusters of entitlements, as well as outliers, empowers managers to take immediate action rather than working through a time-consuming process to determine who should have access to what systems, and when.





Key Benefits 



  • View privileges and access certifications through a user-friendly graphical interface 
  • Approve, deny, or delegate access with just a few clicks 
  • See outliers and immediately take action to remediate
  • Continuously monitor access and ensure readiness for compliance audits  
  • End rubber stamping and bulk approvals with data that stays up-to-date
  • Average deployment time is hours, not weeks or months



Key Features


Instant Visualization Into User Entitlements
More Effective Certifications
Reduced Certification Fatigue

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