Visual Identity Suite Integrations

Powerful integrations that streamline data collection, role assignments, and access remediation



Organizations rely on enterprise applications, platforms, and systems to effectively run their business. Being able to manage user access and directly integrate with the critical data in these applications is essential. That’s why Core Security offers identity governance and administration solutions that directly connect to the data in your enterprise applications, so you can manage and simplify the complicated, tangled web of user rights, permissions, and accounts, and keep track of who and what are most vulnerable in your environments.

Seamlessly Integrate Your Enterprise Applications with VIS

The Core Security Visual Identity Suite (VIS) is a cloud-delivered identity governance and administration solution that enables organizations to visualize what access looks like in their business.

VIS provides intelligent role-based access controls and streamlines access certification through two modules, Core Role Designer and Core Certify. With an easy-to-use graphical interface, VIS clearly shows common entitlements and quickly reveals outliers, helping IT teams, managers, and security professionals make informed decisions about who has access to what.

The Key Integration Advantage of VIS

Visual Identity Suite directly integrates with the most popular platforms, systems, and enterprise applications available today, including:

  • Amazon AWS
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory
  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • SSO providers like Okta 
  • IGA providers like Core Security and SailPoint
  • PAM providers like Core Security Privileged Access Manager (BoKS)

Key Benefits of Integrating with VIS

Collect Data Seamlessly
Easily Remediate Certification Data
Streamline Role Assignments

How Do Integrations Work with the Visual Identity Suite?


The Visual Identity Suite leverages an end-to-end integration with widely used platforms and applications, and directly pulls data from the target systems into VIS.

Once our data collection utility tool is installed, and your credentials are authenticated, you can seamlessly import entitlement data from applications like AWS, Azure, Active Directory, Okta, or SailPoint, and then use it directly in either Core Role Designer to assign role entitlements or in Core Certify to remediate access certification data.


See the Visual Identity Suite in Action

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Learn how you can easily integrate critical data from your most important enterprise applications into VIS.