Core Role Designer

Easily view, define, and build roles for least privilege access using a visual role-based access control (RBAC) solution 

Core Role Designer is a role-based access control (RBAC) solution that offers a simple, smart, and accurate way to gain visibility into user access and create roles in your organization. Think of a role as a collection of access privileges typically defined around a job title or job function. 

With Core Role Designer, it is easy to see patterns that should define roles by examining clusters of access across users. Common access clusters are automatically presented and establish a clearly defined role.

Core Role Designer uses a visual approach for role design, so you can see what users have in common with just one click. View role definitions across multiple users and enforce least privilege access to ensure your business is more protected and access-related risks are mitigated.

Solution Specifications

Core Role Designer role-based access control (RBAC) software is part of the Visual Identity Suite (VIS), a cloud-delivered identity governance and administration solution that enables organizations to visualize what access looks like in their business. 


Access Requirements

Core Role Designer is entirely cloud-based, and is hosted in Amazon Web Services (AWS). With a web interface to its cloud-based instance, users access it through a web browser.

Every user that requires access to our role-based access control (RBAC) solution needs a login account. To create these login accounts, the Core Security support team needs information about each of the users.





What Does Core Role Designer Do?

Easily Build Roles for Your Organization

Core Role Designer offers a simple, visual way to build roles, manage users and entitlements, and easily enforce least privilege access. Easily view role definitions across multiple users, gain visibility into user access across your business, and enforce least privilege access policies.

This enables you to focus on role definitions and role assignments rather than individual accounts and entitlements, decreasing access risks and bolstering your organizational security.  


Get Role Updates as Your Business Changes

As your organization grows and evolves, our role-based access control (RBAC) solution can automatically suggest changes to role definitions. This ensures you can have a current pulse on the access individuals have in common and what outliers might be present.

With suggested updates, you can reduce role overlap, avoid overprovisioning, and incorporate new access, so your role definitions keep pace with the access requirements of your users. 

Complement Access Reviews with Core Certify

Core Role Designer works alongside the Core Certify access certification tool to intelligently manage roles and access reviews. With Core Certify, you can leverage an easy-to-use access review approach that improves access certification accuracy with visual context and guidance. 

As part of the cloud-delivered Visual Identity Suite, Core Certify empowers reviewers to better understand what they are reviewing and simultaneously accept or reject clusters of access for multiple users with just a few clicks, saving time and reducing certification fatigue.

Learn More About Core Certify >

How Does Core Role Designer Work?


Core Role Designer displays individual users and entitlements in a graphical matrix, so you can see overlapping clusters of access. Role Designer automatically groups and organizes data logically—into the way you think—so you can quickly see access clusters and create new roles. You can also design multiple roles for the same user to ensure they get the right amount of access to do their job.

Core Role Designer also has an innovative feature called Smart Roles, allowing you to create new roles with just one click. Using built-in intelligence, Smart Roles automatically generates a prioritized list of roles based on common entitlements. Smart Roles also offers the option to expand roles or merge them based on ones you’ve already created. If you don’t want them, just exclude them. Once you’ve saved the roles you want, you can easily view and export them for use across your organization.  




Take a Quick Look at Core Role Designer

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Core Role Designer gets you out of spreadsheets and into a modern approach for role-based access—even as your business grows and access changes. See for yourself in this quick on-demand video. 


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Key Benefits

  • Easily create accurate roles that meet the needs of your business 
  • Focus on role definitions and role assignments rather than individual accounts and entitlements 
  • Develop roles that are easily used by other applications 
  • See privileges and access certifications in an easy-to-use graphical interface 
  • Keep pace with the evolving access requirements of your users 
  • Reduce identity-related access risks and improve your security posture 
  • Simplify and streamline identity governance processes 
  • Safeguard critical data, systems, and assets 
  • Stay compliant with industry standards and government regulations 

Key Features 

Role-Based Access Approach
Collaborate Across Systems
Make Intelligent Decisions

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Role?

A role is a collection of access privileges typically defined around a job title or job function. Using roles, organizations can have solid, predefined, and preapproved access policies in place, and know specifically which access privileges each person needs, and what access to grant and remove. Roles allow you to more quickly and accurately perform business-friendly, accurate access reviews and certification.

Enterprise Application Integrations with Visual Identity Suite

An identity governance and administration solution is only as good as the data it can access. The Visual Identity Suite leverages end-to-end integrations with the most popular platforms, enterprise applications, systems, and identity providers available today, including Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Okta, SailPoint, and Core Privileged Access Manager (BoKS). These powerful integrations streamline data collection, role assignments, and access remediation, ensuring you can easily integrate critical data from your most important applications into VIS.

See Core Role Designer In Action

See how you can easily adopt role-based access control in your business. Try Core Role Designer, part of the Visual Identity Suite, to view and build intelligent roles for your organization during your free 14-day trial.