See Your Own Data with Smart Roles


Get a custom view of your own data with new Smart Roles. Learn how to simplify the role creation process with an intelligent, collaborative experience. 

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 We would love to show you how to create a smarter, simpler way for building intelligent, prioritized roles for your business. After all, seeing is believing. 


A Better, Faster Way for Creating Roles in Your Business


See Roles in a New Way


With new Smart Roles from Core Role Designer, part of the Visual Identity Suite, you get automatically generated and prioritized lists of intelligently proposed roles, specifically tailored to your needs.


Start Building Your Roles in a Smart, Simple Way

Intelligent Process

Simplify the role creation process with an intelligence-driven, interactive experience. 

Customized Roles

Get an optimal set of roles specifically customized to mitigate risks in your organization. 

Increased Efficiencies

Significantly reduce the time it takes to define new roles for least privilege access.