Core Certify

Fight certification fatigue and rubber stamping visually. Make better access reviews based on seeing groupings of common entitlements & outliers

Certification is Often Manual, Lengthy, and Error-Prone

Certification (or compliance) reviews are complicated by an ever-changing group of users, compliance requirements, and system entitlements. With endless rows of entitlements to review, rubber stamping or blanket mass approvals happens often. But this leads to users having too much or too little access, leading to security and productivity issues. Too much access means those users become a greater risk of cyber-attack because the abundance of access rights they have. Too little access means users are less productive in their jobs and often leads to credential sharing, which further weakens security. We are happy to inform that there is a better way!


  • Efficiency: Over taxing managers with endless rows to review leads to review fatigue, accuracy issues, and productivity loss on their actual job. 
  • Accuracy: Rubber stamping leads to inappropriate access, compliance fines, and security & productivity issues while ‘perpetuating the error’. 
  • Security: Misuse of credentials is still a top security concern, with more access comes greater attack risk, and less access leads to credential sharing. 
  • Productivity: Too little access means user struggle to do their jobs, or overburden those with access to perform the job(s) for them.

Get Visual Clarity on User Entitlements

Go beyond the spreadsheet madness. With Core Certify as part of the Visual Identity Suite you get a graphic visualization where you can clearly and quickly see common user entitlements and outliers. This makes it easier to take immediate action. Whether seeking to simplify a certification process or design roles more efficiently for true role based access control, Visual Identity Suite provides the tools to save time, improve accuracy, and boost employee efficiency.

Fight the Fatigue - An Alternative to Rubber Stamp Approvals

Access reviewers suffer from certification fatigue. There are too many certification reviews, too many entitlements, and it takes too long. Without contextual information, managers make decisions in the dark or simply give-up and “approve” everyone. This “rubber stamping” practice leads to inappropriate access and a less secure organization. With Core Certify, there are no more endless rows to look through, or antiquated data to work from. 

Our visualizations show you exactly what each users entitlements are, even nested or hidden entitlements, in a clear and concise view. The ability to “see” common grouping (or clustering) of like entitlements, as well as outliers, promotes immediate awareness and action, rather than working through days/weeks of data to figure out correlations and common access. Seeing is believing and helps review managers quickly understand common access and dangerous outliers, while better encouraging actions to mitigate risk.

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Efficiency and Time Savings 

  • Automatically re-cluster after removing approved roles or access, making it easier to see and deal with outliers
  • Approve, deny, or delegate with one easy click 
  • See outliers and immediately act to remediate

Compliance and Accuracy

  • See nested and hidden entitlements so you can make informed decisions 
  • Continuous monitoring means you are always ready for a compliance audit 
  • No more rubber stamping because your data stays up to date and managers are given full visibility into their team’s access


  • Can sit on top of any access and provisioning system 
  • Extends value of existing systems avoiding a costly rip and replace expense 
  • Cloud-based means less maintenance and headaches 
  • Average deployment time = Hours not weeks/months