3 Signs You’re Missing Critical Threats in Your Network

The rising number of breaches is nothing new—seeing another successful attack in the headlines has become an almost daily occurrence. The increasing regularity of breaches is unsurprising—according to a recent study by Cybersecurity Insiders, only 56% of security professionals feel, at best, only somewhat confident in their overall security stance. Realistically, the problem isn’t simply a matter of keeping threat actors out, but also quickly finding and removing those that have made their way in. Critical threats are lurking in organizational networks long before they cause the type of destruction that we see in the press, but they simply can’t detect them fast enough.

The first step in tackling these infections wreaking havoc across industries is recognizing and addressing the gaps. This webinar discusses 3 significant signs you’re missing critical threats, and how to rapidly detect these dangerous breaches so you can take action before it’s too late.

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