Elevating Red Team Engagements with Advanced Tooling

Cobalt Strike is a mature offensive security tool used for post-exploitation scenarios and red team operations. Experienced security professionals use Cobalt Strike to emulate the techniques and tactics of an embedded threat actor and put an organization’s defenses to the test. 

Though Cobalt Strike is a well-established tool, its team of dedicated researchers and developers have continued to place a high priority on regular updates that ensure its continued flexibility and stability. For example, Cobalt Strike has increased opportunities for extension and interoperability with tools like Outflank Security Tooling (OST), an advanced red teaming toolset with a heavy focus on evasion. In this webinar, hear the history of Cobalt Strike, learn about the latest features, and get a demonstration of this benchmark adversary simulation tool.

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Enhance your red team engagements

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With the Red Team Bundle, you can add Cobalt Strike and Outflank Security Tooling (OST) to your offensive security portfolio at a discounted price.