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The Intersection of RPA and IGA: Why Automation and Identity Governance Go Hand-in-Hand

Sep 16, 2020
The rise of robotic process automation (RPA) during the last several years has enabled organizations to adopt new technologies that drive efficiencies across their business. RPA solutions leverage software robots that communicate with business systems and applications to streamline processes and reduce the burden on employees for completing mundane, repetitive tasks. Embracing new technologies like RPA has helped organizations transform the way work gets done.
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3 Reasons Every Organization Should Leverage Third-Party Pen Testers

Sep 11, 2020
Penetration testing, also known as a pen test, is a security exercise that reveals an organization’s security vulnerabilities through a defined testing process. A penetration test may focus on networks, applications, physical facilities, individuals, and more.
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6 Ways to Defend Yourself Against Password Attacks

Sep 9, 2020
Ever since Ali Baba uttered “open sesame,” thieves have been using stolen passwords to access hidden riches. In the digital world, password attacks have been and continue to be a common way for threat actors to gain access to an organization’s treasure trove of data. No matter how many emails we get from IT explaining what makes a good password, many of us still use the same basic password in multiple places simply because they’re easier to remember.
How Mature is Your Vulnerability Management Program?

How Mature is Your Vulnerability Management Program?

Sep 2, 2020
Security vulnerabilities are one of the most common problems in cybersecurity today, as they may exist in operating systems, services and application flaws, improper configurations or risky end-user behavior. According to the statistics from the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures list, 12,174 new vulnerabilities were uncovered in 2019—over 13 times as many as were discovered in 1999, when the database first came into existence.

IGA and the Cloud: What You Need to Know

Aug 28, 2020
With the rise of cloud computing, organizations have expanded their reliance upon cloud platforms. Many have expanded their capabilities and capacity through cloud servers, while others have adopted a hybrid approach that includes both cloud and on-premise environments.
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5 Most Notable New Features in Core Impact 20.1

Aug 12, 2020
We are so excited about our latest release of Core Impact. Version 20.1 was fueled largely by the valuable and genuine feedback our customers have shared with us. This release was jam packed with new features, including several new additions that offer added convenience and increased usability. To recap, we thought it would be helpful to highlight the top 5:
How to Select the Right Third-Party Pen Testing Service

How to Select the Right Third-Party Pen Testing Service

Jul 28, 2020
As both cybersecurity breaches and compliance mandates increase, third-party pen testing services are no longer seen as optional. These teams specialize in ethical hacking that gives organizations insight into possible security weaknesses and attack vectors in their IT environment. Being in such high demand, more and more testing services are emerging, presenting businesses with a new challenge of selecting which service to use. How do you know which one is right for you?

What’s the Difference Between IAM, IGA, and PAM?

Jul 24, 2020
The identity security landscape has transformed considerably within the last two decades. And for good reason. Mitigating identity-related access risks has become essential as companies face threats every day, from virtually everywhere.

Healthcare Identity Governance in the Era of COVID-19: Five Critical Issues Your Organization Can’t Afford to Overlook

Jul 15, 2020
The impact of COVID-19 has been far-reaching across nearly every sector. But none has been so greatly disrupted as the healthcare industry. Managing through this crisis has required healthcare systems to expand some aspects of their workforce and redeploy others virtually overnight in order to transform the way they offer services to patients.
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The Truth About Pen Testing Automation

Jul 13, 2020
With cybersecurity attacks perpetually on the rise, security teams are under more pressure than ever. While pen testing can help these teams by finding vulnerabilities before adversaries can, even pen testing comes with its challenges. A skills shortage, new and expanding regulations requiring testing, and other critical daily security duties increasingly leave cybersecurity professionals stretched thin.

Three Things You Need in a Penetration Testing Tool

Jun 29, 2020
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The Importance of Penetration Testing for a Remote Workforce

Jun 22, 2020
As we continue to adapt in these unprecedented times, many workplaces have remained fully remote. In fact, some organizations have seen enough benefits from remote work that they are planning a permanent shift away from a traditional office environment, instead having their workforce either partially or fully remote. Whether temporary or permanent, remote work has been a large adjustment for everyone, though perhaps even more so for each organization’s security teams.
Penetration Testing for Regulatory Compliance

Penetration Testing for Regulatory Compliance

Jun 10, 2020
While the shift from paper copies to digital storage has enabled organizations to increase efficiency in countless ways, bad actors have also launched countless attacks to steal private information. In order to protect this valuable data, many industries now have cybersecurity regulations. HIPAA has been expanded for healthcare and NERC applies to the utilities and energy sector, and higher education institutions must adhere to HEOA, to name a few.
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How to Leverage a Comprehensive Privileged Access Management Security Approach

Jun 2, 2020
Effectively managing privileged access has become a top priority for many organizations seeking to protect their data and systems from unauthorized users. That’s because inappropriate access can expose valuable organizational data, compromise sensitive information, and adversely affect system reliability. The latest Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report found that the majority of data breaches leverage privileged accounts directly.
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3 Reasons Why Your Remote Workforce Is Vulnerable

Jun 1, 2020
In the wake of COVID-19, threat actors are taking full advantage of the industry scramble to work-from-home, and the security weaknesses that presents.
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How Financial Services Organizations Can Mitigate Their Top Identity-Related Access Risks

Jun 1, 2020
Financial services organizations face numerous challenges in a constantly changing landscape. With increased cybersecurity threats, intensified regulatory requirements, an acceleration of digital transformation, large-scale mergers and acquisitions, and growing customer expectations, these organizations must pursue strategies and programs that mitigate risks, safeguard valuable data, and protect sensitive financial information within their organizations.
How to Manage the Pen Testing Skills Shortage

How To Manage the Pen Testing Skills Shortage

May 27, 2020
According to the 2022 Pen Testing Report, 94% of cybersecurity professionals surveyed felt that penetration testing was somewhat important or important to their organization’s security posture, with 96% also reporting that penetration testing was at least somewhat important to their compliance initiatives.
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What is Network Insight?

May 18, 2020
You can’t stop something you can’t see. In today’s world, threats are evolving constantly and dangerous attackers continue to cause serious damage to organizations across industries. Threat detection solutions monitor your environment for malicious activity, uncovering and alerting security teams of risk. Core Network Insight focuses on advanced threat detection across the enterprise, finding infections in every type of device, including high end IoT.
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Pen Testing Stories from the Field: Combining Tools to Take Over an Entire Domain

Apr 21, 2020
There is no single set of instructions on how to run a penetration test, and no one manual on how to be a pen tester. The only real constant is that each job is a combination of preparation and improvisation to adapt and adjust to each environment’s quirks. So one of the best ways to learn and improve your own penetration testing techniques and strategies is from your peers, whether it be through watching them on the job, or from talking shop at a conference and hearing how they handled an interesting assignment.

How to Revamp Your Organization's Cybersecurity Program

Apr 6, 2020
When cyberattacks and data breaches make the news, it’s usually because they’re at large companies like Facebook or healthcare organizations. But every organization, large or small, needs to be concerned about cybersecurity; hackers have begun to understand that, while smaller companies may have less data on hand, they may have access to covetable third parties.
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Responding to the New Normal: How to Prevent Added Risk in Your Business

Mar 31, 2020
Our world has shifted dramatically over the last few weeks. Many people have moved from shock to acceptance as the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has taken hold across the world, across our nation, in our states, in our communities, and even in our organizations.
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Four Network Security Challenges for Organizations with a Remote Workforce

Mar 25, 2020
Recently, the need for being able to work remotely has dominated the news, making it clear that the ability to connect from anywhere may soon become the norm for more businesses and industries than ever before. While remote work may be coveted by many employees, it can easily fill your cybersecurity team with dread. Telework can create many new security weaknesses for an IT environment, and can significantly increase your organization’s chance of a devastating data breach. Read on to find out what makes these new network connections so vulnerable, and how you can reduce your risk.
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How to Protect Your Business Against Common Cybersecurity Threats with SIEM

Mar 25, 2020
Organizations today may have a false sense of security when it comes to the security of their own environments. In fact, there are numerous ways companies make it easier for threat actors to gain access into their systems undetected. To complicate matters even further, the sheer volume of threats companies face makes it impossible to uncover security events quickly—even if many are benign.

Top 3 IT Strategies for Optimizing Productivity

Mar 24, 2020
Little fires everywhere – not just a best-selling novel and new streaming show starring Reese Witherspoon: it’s what most respondents said was the biggest impediment to productivity in their workday. Distractions in the form of meetings, urgent emails, and (worst case) system outages force even the most organized sysadmin to push tasks back and cause pileups in the future. Whether or not you’re using the same strategies to stay productive in IT as the ones highlighted below, learn how your peers avoid and overcome hurdles to keep focusing on high-impact tasks.