Interoperability with Cobalt Strike and Other Notable New Features in Core Impact 20.3

The latest release of Core Impact has arrived! Version 20.3 showcases our commitment to creating a comprehensive, streamlined process for testing the defenses of any IT environment. At the forefront of this effort is the debut of exciting new interoperability capabilities with our red teaming platform, Cobalt Strike. Additionally, this latest release includes new features focused on both efficiency and ease of use.

1. Interoperability with Cobalt Strike

Cobalt Strike is Core Security’s solution for adversary simulations and red team operations, and enables companies to emulate the tactics and techniques of an advanced adversary in an IT network to highlight weaknesses. Those with both tools can now deploy a Cobalt Strike Beacon from within Core Impact. Beacon is Cobalt Strike's payload to model advanced attackers, and can be used to manage post-exploitation jobs.

This interoperability can streamline pen testing efforts even further. For example, users can start their engagement, getting initial access from Core Impact. From there, they can continue with post-exploitation activities by spawning a Cobalt Strike Beacon.

Watch a short demo video to see this interoperability in action.

If you are not yet a user of Cobalt Strike and would like more information, visit the Cobalt Strike website.

2. Performance Improvements in Both the Dashboard and Workspace

Several performance enhancements have been made to speed up load times, increasing efficiency and improving scalability, including:

  • The Dashboard statistics tab loads 86% faster than before
  • Workspace hosts  load up to 97% faster
  • Workspace identities load up to 83% faster
  • Module output for network information gathering is up to 30% faster

3. New Installation Options

In order to provide increased flexibility, Core Impact no longer installs onto the C:\ drive by default. Users can now download Core Impact onto any drive they wish providing greater flexibility.

4. New Vulnerability Validation Wizard

A guided vulnerability validation wizard is now available for simple and efficient validation of third-party vulnerability scanners. This step-by-step automation helps simplify the testing process even further, optimizing the use of your security resources.

5. Enhanced Web Browser Experience

In the previous release, Core Impact included a web interface that allows you to simply open your browser and work over HTTPS. The browser version of Core Impact 20.3 now features Network Vector menu items for a more comprehensive web experience.


Get to know these features and more updates by watching the overview video.

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