5 Most Notable New Features in Core Impact 20.1

We are so excited about our latest release of Core Impact. Version 20.1 was fueled largely by the valuable and genuine feedback our customers have shared with us. This release was jam packed with new features, including several new additions that offer added convenience and increased usability.

To recap, we thought it would be helpful to highlight the top 5:

1. Flexible Licensing

Core Impact now provides the seamless activation of licenses on multiple machines, such as a testing workstation and a forward deployed jump box. Additionally, licenses can now transfer from one person to another to accommodate team changes.

2. Web Interface Option

A new web interface option allows you to simply open your browser and work over HTTPS.

3. Additional Integrations

Core Impact now seamlessly integrates with OpenVAS vulnerability scanners and PlexTrac's reporting module.

4. Streamlined Phishing Campaign Creation

Users now have the ability to modify global settings to apply to all phishing campaigns for increased efficiency.

5. More Frequent Updates to Core Impact

A newly improved upgrade process will enable us to provide enhancements to our customers more often.


Get to know these features and more updates by watching the overview video:


Intrigued by These New Features?

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