Three Ways an Identity Governance Solution Should Integrate with Enterprise Data

Chances are your organization is relying on an extensive number of enterprise applications, systems, and platforms to ensure successful execution of the business. According to an article in The Wall Street Journal, large organizations rely on an average of nearly 130 applications across their business, while smaller firms use around 70 applications on average.

The ability to manage user access to these enterprise applications is essential in order to protect the critical data contained within them. Yet with such a complicated web of user rights, permissions, and accounts, managing the magnitude of user access and entitlements across hundreds of applications can be overwhelming.

Keeping track of who and what are most vulnerable in your environment requires identity governance policies and solutions that directly connect to the data within your systems and platforms. So how do you effectively integrate user access data from your enterprise solutions into an identity governance solution? In this blog, we’ll look at three essential ways you should be integrating and connecting user access data to protect the valuable information contained within your most commonly used business platforms and applications.

#1: Integrating with Cloud-Based Enterprise Platforms and Applications

Whether private or public, hybrid or multi-cloud, the rise of cloud infrastructure has brought many new possibilities to organizations, including reduced IT costs, greater scalability, increased flexibility for accessing content, improved collaboration, and enhanced efficiencies by avoiding time-consuming software installations and upgrades.

With organizations relying more heavily on cloud, including Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure, it’s more important than ever to ensure access to these platforms is securely managed. Leading identity governance solutions, like those offered from Core Security, provide essential access controls to simplify and manage user access to these cloud-based platforms and applications. The Access Assurance Suite is an intelligent identity and access management solution that manages the deployment of both on-premise and cloud applications, enabling organizations to streamline the provisioning process, review access requests, manage compliance, and enforce robust password management.

#2: Integrating with Standard Software Platforms and Applications

Regardless of the industry, organizations typically leverage common enterprise applications and platforms to perform regular business functions. These standard enterprise applications are provided by vendors like Google, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Epic Systems, Cerner, Cisco, SAP, and Salesforce, offering business application and enterprise resources planning (ERP) software.

In order to control access to these systems, powerful data integration tools are necessary to connect to and manage user entitlement data. Core Security offers more than 200 standard connectors, including to Microsoft applications like Active Directory, SQL Server, Office 365, and PowerShell, Epic EMP and SER, Google Apps, Oracle Database Server, Cerner Millennium, Salesforce Service Cloud, and many other widely used applications. These standard connectors leverage vendor-provided integration methods, so any customer who licenses them can immediately use them out-of-the-box without special configuration for their environment.

#3: Integrating with Custom Software Platforms and Applications

Many organizations rely on software platforms and applications that are tailored not only for their specific sector, but also customized for their specific business need. We offer more than 200 custom connectors that use tailored-built integrations unique to an organization’s business requirements, ensuring specific features and requests are supported.

We also regularly build connectors for customers and support organizations in their efforts to build their own. The Core Security Rapid Development Kit enables organizations to quickly develop their own connectors for custom platforms or applications within their environment. Ensuring access controls are in place for these tailored systems is critical to protecting the data within them.

Identity Governance Should Work to Support Your Business

Remember, an identity governance solution should ensure you can easily tackle the biggest identity-related access risks in your organization. And that starts by simplifying access management and enforcing least privilege access to the enterprise applications and platforms you rely on to get work done. It is possible to protect critical data, systems, and platforms—all in one place—and ensure your identity governance policies and programs are consistently enforced across commonly used applications. Find out how you can seamlessly integrate your entitlement data and meet your most pressing access-related challenges—no matter the number of enterprise applications you have or the complexity of your environment.

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