Identity Management Systems with the Core Access Assurance Suite

Core Access Assurance Suite

Core Security’s integrated IAM solution distributes knowledgeable provisioning, ongoing amenability, and actionable analytics.

Core Access Assurance Suite

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Core Access Assurance Suite is an integrated identity and access management solution that delivers informed provisioning, continuous compliance, and actionable analytics. This solution is needed to streamline provisioning, automate the governance process, and be able to view advanced intelligence to discover hidden risks. 

With Core Access Assurance Suite, you can apply predictive analytics to huge volumes of access-related data to reveal the complete context of relationships between user IDs, applications, and environments.


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Self-Service Across Enterprise Systems

Rapid deployment policy and modular architecture get you up and running quickly, without a substantial investment in prerequisite systems.

Protect Sensitive Data

Access request management system designed to simplify the process of creating and managing the requests that govern user access.

Automate Processes for Managing User Accounts

Use fewer resources to manage and maintain the system over time, delivering lower total cost of ownership.

Certify User Access Rights

Certify user access rights effectively, while enforcing least privileged access across the enterprise. Strengthen compliance with corporate security policies, industry standards, and government regulations.

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