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Access Assurance Suite

The leading integrated identity and access management solution delivering informed provisioning, continuous compliance, and actionable analytics
As part of the Core Security Identity Governance and Administration portfolio of solutions, previously known as Courion, Access Assurance Suite is a robust identity and access management (IAM) software solution that enables organizations to deliver informed provisioning, meet ongoing regulatory compliance, and leverage actionable analytics for improved identity governance. Comprised of four industry-leading modules, our identity management software provides a complete solution to streamline the provisioning process, review access requests, easily manage compliance, and enforce robust password management.
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A convenient web portal where end users can request access and managers can review, approve, or deny access. Using a shopping cart approach, Core Access delivers an efficient and user-friendly experience, replacing paper forms, emails, and tickets used to manage access. Plus the ability to leverage roles enables access to be assigned quickly and accurately.

As the backend fulfillment engine for Core Access, Core Provisioning uses software connectors to programmatically create and manage user accounts based on policies and permissions set up in Core Access. Our solution offers automated provisioning actions on hundreds of applications used across industries, organizations, and departments.

Identify and manage access rights for systems, platforms, and applications in a single interface, eliminating the need to review spreadsheet after spreadsheet. Immediately respond to compliance audit demands to ensure adherence to regulations like SOX, HIPAA, PCI-DSS, and GDPR.

Core Security provides a complete, integrated solution for automated password management. Core Password and Secure Reset work together to provide a convenient and secure password reset solution for your organization. Leverage simple, secure self-service password resets to automate password management and reduce access risks. Easily enforce robust password policies and empower users to streamline security in your organization. 


What Does Our Identity Management Software Do?


The Access Assurance Suite identity management solution offers provisioning capabilities that enable you to quickly and efficiently provision and deprovision users and their identities from multiple systems, applications, and other business-related resources based on a full lifecycle of activity—from initial hire to role change to departure.  


Our identity management software offers flexible, efficient governance capabilities, while eliminating compliance violations. Governance findings are automatically fed back into Access Assurance Suite to prevent incorrect provisioning, so you can maintain compliance continuously. With a robust access request management system to simplify the process of creating and managing requests that govern user access, Access Assurance provides a complete suite of tools to create, review, and approve access requests.

Actionable Analytics

The Access Assurance Suite provides award-winning access intelligence functionality that applies analytics to the big data created by numerous complex relationships between users and resources in your enterprise. A comprehensive analysis of this complex data includes identities, accounts, entitlements, policy, and activity, allowing you to quickly identity vulnerabilities. 


  • Review access requests, easily provide approvals, and manage user privileges in a single portal 
  • Save time by automating account creation and access assignment for any type of user 
  • Identify and manage access rights for systems, applications, and data in a single interface 
  • Eliminate spreadsheets as part of the access review process 
  • Enforce robust password policies and empower users with self-service password resets 
  • Strengthen compliance with corporate security policies, industry standards, and government regulations 
  • Get up and running quickly with our rapid deployment methodology

Our identity management software solution offers intelligent and visible identity governance across all of your environments.


Key Features of the Access Assurance Identity Management Solution 

Self-Service Across Enterprise Systems

A rapid deployment policy and modular architecture enables you to become operational without a substantial investment in prerequisite systems.

Protect Sensitive Data

Leverage an access request management system designed to simplify the process of creating and managing requests that govern user access.

Automate Processes for Managing User Accounts

Automation allows you to reduce dependency on manual processes, enabling security teams to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Easily Certify User Access Rights

Effective certification of access rights and least privileged access policies strengthens compliance with industry regulations and corporate security policies.
"The Access Assurance Suite is a good choice for organizations that require a balanced approach to provisioning and access governance, with built in support for analytics."

– Gartner Critical Capabilities for Identity Governance and Administration

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