Did you catch Sunday’s episode of 60 Minutes? A couple scary statistics were shared:

  • 97% of all companies have been/will be breached
  • On average, it takes 229 days for companies to discover a breach


Why is this happening? Data overload. A guest on the show explained that during Target’s infamous breach, alarms were going off. “And when you get millions of alerts a day… it’s very hard to find the needle in the haystack.” I would argue it’s even more difficult than finding the needle in the haystack. It’s more like finding a needle in a pile of less-important needles. When all of these alerts look the same, how can you tell which vulnerabilities are truly putting your critical assets at risk? This data overload problem is creating opportunities for attackers to breach these networks, and live inside them for the better part of a year undetected. I’m glad people are paying attention to this issue, because it’s one Core Security has been working on for many years. With Core Insight, you can identify attack paths to your critical assets. The vulnerabilities along these attack paths are the ones putting your organization at risk. They’re the ones that need to be addressed – they’re the needles in the haystack (or pile of less-important needles). For more on how Core Insight can help you eliminate vulnerability data overload, request a live demo of Core Insight today.