Core CSP

Purpose-built security designed to monitor cyber threats for Internet service and telecommunications providers

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are uniquely positioned to protect subscribers from malware and advanced threats. The proliferation of smart devices and Internet of Things (IoT) devices creates new attack vectors that may not be able to be addressed with end-point security applications. Prevent subscribers from becoming a victim of cybercrime and provide invaluable peace of mind by building security into your service.

The Challenge of Cyber Threats for ISPs and Telecommunications

CSP networks provide a target-rich environment for threat actors commandeering bandwidth capabilities. Unlike an internal network, where tight and customized security controls can be deployed, subscribers have unimpeded access to nearly anything on the internet. Additionally, subscribers are using an increasing number of smart devices, like home and personal electronics, that require internet access to function. 

Most smart devices don’t have an antivirus solution to provide preventative protection, making it difficult for individuals to manage security on their own. This puts subscribers at an even greater risk from attack. Users may find that their credentials have been stolen, or that their devices have been hijacked and are being used as part of a botnet, consuming massive amounts of bandwidth and disrupting traffic.

Business Class Service for Large Networks

Subscribers are looking to their service providers for advanced protection. Core Security empowers ISPs and telecommunications providers to swiftly and definitively uncover infections, alerting their subscribers to risk before damage is done. Core CSP passively monitors sizeable, service provider scale networks, leveraging more than 12 years of historical passive DNS based threat intelligence to identify infections. 

Core CSP works efficiently, working out-of-band inside the service provider’s network to avoid clogging bandwidth, so subscribers won’t experience network performance delays or service lags. Reduce dwell time with actionable information like threat names and intents, infected subscribers, malicious DNS queries, unique threats, and more.

A Database of Threats

Core CSP all have sensors placed in key locations within your subscriber access network. These sensors, like those of Core Labs and Network Insight are listening to passive DNS traffic, gathering valuable data on threats in order to definitively detect infections. This data is also used to build Core Security’s definitive and comprehensive threat database, accessible to any Core CSP users. Search by threat name or characteristic and find out information like threat summaries, observed traits, capabilities, severity levels, and Core Labs research findings. 

Additionally, Core Security actively classifies threats on a minute-by-minute basis, utilizing threat behavior profiles associated with newly observed threat behavior to identify threat variants or previously unknown threats.  

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Key Features

  • Purpose built for communication service providers (CSPs)
  • Protects bandwidth capabilities
  • Advanced data science identifies infections with certainty
  • Streamlined monitoring of millions of subscribers
  • Out-of-band monitoring of DNS traffic
  • Zero impact to network performance
  • Undetectable by threat actors
  • Captures malicious queries and correlates findings to generate infection reports
  • Personal Identification Information (PII) unmonitored to ensure subscriber privacy
  • Integrates with SIEMS, other logging systems and remediation tools
  • Efficiently delivers threat intelligence to security team
  • Different options for subscriber notification methods, including email or in-browser