Offensive Security Bundles from Fortra

To stay ahead of cyber threats, organizations must anticipate attacks and eliminate weaknesses before they are exploited.  This requires offensive security tactics delivered by an effective set of proactive tools that include pen testing, red teaming and vulnerability management. With our bundle offerings, we simplify the process of assembling a layered offensive security stack by providing combinations of powerful, interoperable solutions that find security weaknesses and determine their potential impact. Combining offensive security solutions will also accelerate your security maturity while you benefit from best-in-class sales and technical support —all at a discounted price.  

Find the Best Bundle for Your Security Strategy

Essentials Bundle: Vulnerability Management and Pen Testing

Frontline VM and Core Impact

Import scanner data from Frontline VM directly into Core Impact to automatically validate vulnerabilities and exploit them to determine if business-critical assets and data are at risk. By integrating these tools, security teams are provided with real-world risk context that can intelligently guide plans for remediation.

Advanced Bundle: Pen Testing and Red Teaming

Core Impact and Cobalt Strike

Begin an engagement with Core Impact to gain initial access and move laterally and then continue with post-exploitation activities by spawning a Cobalt Strike Beacon. By taking advantage of session passing and tunneling capabilities, security teams can streamline their testing efforts and centralize their reporting.

Elite Bundle: Vulnerability Management, Pen Testing, and Red Teaming

Frontline VM, Core Impact, and Cobalt Strike

Get complete coverage with tools that build on one another to provide holistic security evaluations. Gain the necessary context to dismiss innocuous vulnerabilities with Frontline VM, further prioritize risk by discerning how much access could be gained and what damage could result if a vulnerability is exploited with Core Impact, and run a full attack simulation to put defenses and security operations to the test with Cobalt Strike.

Red Team Bundle: Interoperable Red Teaming Tools

Cobalt Strike and OST

Combine OST’s evasive toolset directly with Cobalt Strike’s mature C2 framework to deploy sophisticated attack scenarios that can bypass defensive measures and detection tools. With seamless integration capabilities, OST and Cobalt Strike can create stealthier payloads with unique obfuscation methods, quietly gain an initial foothold, and more.

Advanced Red Team: Pen Testing and Interoperable Red Teaming Tools

Core Impact, Cobalt Strike, OST

Assess the defenses of mature and even sensitive environments with multi-faceted testing tools that can interact with one another and share resources to create dynamic engagements. Uncover security gaps, provide guidance, and build resilience by using the same techniques and tactics as today’s threat actors to gather reconnaissance, run phishing campaigns, escalate privileges, achieve persistence, and more.  


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Fortra’s Best-in-Class Offensive Tools

Frontline VM

This risk-based vulnerability and threat management solution conducts thorough security assessments with proprietary scanning technology to provide vital security information that can be prioritized and tracked.

Core Impact

This pen testing solution provides guided automation and a certified exploit library, enabling security teams to safely test across their network infrastructure, endpoints, and web applications.

Cobalt Strike

This adversary simulation tool helps red teams create realistic attack scenarios through a powerful post-exploitation agent, Beacon, and a flexible Command and Control (C2) framework.

Outflank Security Tooling (OST)

This curated red teaming toolkit helps experienced teams run evasive engagements, with tools that cover every significant step in the attacker kill chain, from difficult stages such as initial access to final exfiltration.

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Get more details on the different Offensive Bundle options in our webinar, Bundling Up: The Importance of Layering Offensive Security Solutions.