Access Risk Quick Scan

Quickly identify and evaluate access risks posed by internal threats across business-critical systems

Finding and evaluating access risks posed by internal threats is essential for any business. But waiting for an audit to uncover those risks may be too late. Do you have a way to spot and evaluate access risks across all of your business-critical systems that may be posed by internal threats? 

Internal access risks increase the potential for damage when your environment is compromised. And standard audits do not find the hidden access or access that is indirectly inherited. This means you need a reliable process to find the orphaned or abandoned accounts lurking in your network. You may not have the context, tools or time to determine whether the privileged accounts with administrator level access rights in your network are being managed properly.

That’s why Core Security provides an intelligent solution to address these challenges. Access Risk Quick Scan is a consulting offering that leverages the industry leading and award-winning Identity and Access Intelligence analytics (IAI) solution, Core Access Insight, to diagnose access risk in your organization and arm you with actionable information and insights. The Access Risk Quick Scan simplifies the complexity of hidden access risks and provides immediate visibility into: 

  • Orphaned accounts—accounts not associated with a valid business owner that do not have proper oversight and governance 
  • Abandoned accounts—accounts that have been inactive for a specific time period that exceeds policy 
  • Privileged accounts—accounts with increased levels of permission that provide elevated access to critical networks, systems, applications, or transactions 
  • Unnecessary entitlements—entitlements that have been utilized in the past, but are no longer being used or monitored, posing a hidden risk

How Access Risk Quick Scan Works 

Access Risk Quick Scan follows a proven methodology. A Core Access Insight discovery tool is downloaded from the Core Security website and run by you—no software installation is required. This discovery tool automatically scans your Active Directory structure. 

Following the scan, a Core Security consultant will import the scan results into the Core Access Insight solution using a virtual image that Core Security provides and will use Core Access Insight to highlight areas of access risk. The entire process will take less than one day. Following the demonstration, all data, including the image, are destroyed.

What the Access Risk Quick Scan Includes

  • Initial review of Core Access Insight findings to establish the baseline for remediation 
  • A Core Access Insight demonstration 
  • High-level summary presentation of findings

    Organizations need to identify risks associated with any misalignment between users and their access across all critical applications. The Access Risk Quick Scan focuses on Active Directory. However, a full implementation of Core Access Insight can assess access risk across all of your applications.

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Product Benefits

  • Get immediate visibility into hidden access risks within your network 
  • Easily identify orphan or abandoned accounts, unnecessary entitlements, or privileged accounts 
  • Discover inappropriate access risks prior to internal audits 
  • Diagnose access risks instantly, and gain actionable information and insights 
  • Establish a baseline for remediation specific to your company’s most critical access risks