See Access Risk Quick Scan in Action

Get Immediate Visibility Into Your Hidden Access Risks

Quickly Identify and Evaluate Access Risks Across Your Business-Critical Systems  

Fill out the form to see Access Risk Quick Scan in action. Reveal hidden access risks in your organization and arm yourself with actionable insights for your business. 

With Access Risk Quick Scan, you can: 

  • Discover inappropriate access risks prior to internal audits.
  • Diagnose access risks instantly, and gain actionable information and insights. 
  • Establish a baseline for remediation specific to your company’s most critical access risks. 

How Access Risk Quick Scan Works:

  • Download the Core Access Insight discovery tool from the Core Security website—no software installation required. This discovery tool automatically scans your Active Directory structure. 
  • Following the scan, a Core Security consultant will import the scan results into the Core Access Insight solution using a virtual image that Core Security provides to highlight areas of access risk. 
  • The entire process will take less than one day. Following the demonstration, all data, including the image, are destroyed.