Infrastructure Protection for Proactive Security

The modern threat landscape demands that organizations do more than just defend against cyber-attacks. They must anticipate attacks before they happen and proactively adapt their cybersecurity strategy. 

Our Infrastructure Protection suite allows your organization to identify and prioritize the risks that truly pose the biggest threat to your infrastructure.  You’ll gain actionable insight into what steps are needed to fix security gaps and where reinforcement is required. The result is a more efficient and more effective cybersecurity program that can protect your organization and eliminate weaknesses before they are exploited. 

Vulnerability Management & Assessment Software

vulnerability management

Our vulnerability management solutions identify, evaluate, prioritize, and report on security weaknesses that may be putting your organization at risk. Easy to deploy, simple to use, and scalable, these solutions help streamline your security efforts.

Frontline VM™

Backed by exceptional support and professional services, this SaaS vulnerability management solution uses proprietary scanning technology and the scalability of the cloud to perform thorough network security assessments. Frontline VM incorporates threat intelligence and provides straightforward, on-demand reporting with ample filtering capabilities. The result is well-prioritized, actionable results that can be easily tracked and managed.

Frontline WAS™

This web application scanner provides insight into the security state of your organization’s web applications, a list of prioritized vulnerabilities, and technical recommendations.

Frontline ATS™

Active Threat Sweep quickly and reliably analyzes assets for active threat activity and indications of compromise. This helps to reduce dwell time and provides coverage for devices without traditional endpoint protection.


This flexible, self-service vulnerability management solution continually scans for network and web application vulnerabilities, using specialized methodologies and daily vulnerability database updates to stay ahead of the latest threats. Able to deploy on-premise, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments, beSECURE offers robust automaton capabilities, on-demand reports, and a built-in ticketing system all designed to empower remediation teams.


This static application security testing (SAST) tool offers accurate, fast, and ongoing application security testing, assessing code security quality without the need for compiling or execution.


This dynamic application security testing (DAST) tool certifies the security strength of any product by assessing any protocol or hardware for code weaknesses, all without needing access to source code.

Penetration Testing Software

pen testing

Core Impact

This powerful penetration testing tool allows you to safely test your environment using the same techniques as today's attackers. Users can run advanced pen tests with ease using guided automations, certified exploits, and multi-vector testing capabilities. With this centralized toolset, security teams can efficiently discover, test, and report all in one place.

Adversary Simulation Software

adversary simulation

Cobalt Strike

This robust threat emulation tool provides a post-exploitation agent and covert channels ideal for Adversary Simulations and Red Team exercises. With Cobalt Strike, companies can emulate the tactics and techniques of a quiet long-term embedded threat actor in an IT network.

Professional Security Services


With our professional security services, organizations can better safeguard their IT infrastructure from cyber-attacks through exercises that highlight security gaps. Our cybersecurity experts offer a consultative approach, ensuring you get services tailored to your particular needs, including real-time access for questions or further information about how to protect your organization. Upon completion of engagements, our skilled security analysts provide detailed assessments and recommendations for how to bolster your security response.

Services Include:   


  • Network Penetration Testing
  • Red Teaming
  • Employee Training
  • Software Security Assessments
  • Social Engineering Assessments
  • Physical Security Testing

Intrusion Prevention and Detection Software


Intrusion prevention and detection tools work to monitor your network for malicious activity, alerting your security team the moment a potential threat is uncovered. These tools can be used as a preventative, proactive measure against malware attacks, as well as a reactive method to advanced persistent threats infecting a system.


Event Manager

This comprehensive Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution provides real-time threat detection and prioritization. With both templates for standard data sources and a tool for converting custom data sources, Event Manager offers a holistic view of your entire IT environment.  

Powertech Antivirus

This tool is the only commercially available server-level antivirus solution, providing native scanning for  IBM i, Aix, Solaris, Linux on Power, Linux-x86, Linux on Z, and LinuxONE. Using a commercial grade scanning engine, this native tool prevents scan failure and security issues to ensure these platforms are protected against viruses, worms, and malware threats.  

Security Auditor

This security policy management tool centralizes security administration across your cloud, on-premise, or hybrid environment. This agentless security policy management and file integrity monitoring tool solution enables swift security policy adherence, mitigating the risks of security misconfiguration. 

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