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Core Network Insight

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Automated Breach Defense


Detect, Respond & Recover Rapidly

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Today’s threats evolve constantly. Prevention tools, like anti-virus, firewalls and sandboxes, can’t stop infections they haven’t seen before. Core Network Insight is different. It fills the gap between failed prevention and your incident response. Network Insight is an automatic breach defense system that detects successful infections with certainty, terminates their activity and gives responders the ammunition needed to rapidly prevent loss. Network Insight delivers actionable information about known and unknown threats regardless of the infection’s source, entry vector or OS of the device. It arms responders with definitive evidence so they can rapidly prevent loss on high-risk devices while blocking activity on the rest.

Automatically Discover Advanced Threats

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Threat actors always have the first move, especially if they target your organization. Network Insight automatically discovers advanced threats and contains them by:
  • Monitoring network traffic for threat behaviors and activities
  • Automatically verifying which devices have successful infections
  • Assigning a risk level for each infected device
  • Stopping all communications between the device and the threat actor

Core Network Insight Empowers Security Teams To:

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  1. Identify infected devices with certainty
  2. Address threats faster
  3. Prioritize remediation based on the highest risk devices
  4. Block active infections until they can be addressed
  5. Adapt their security posture to prevent adversaries from successful future attacks

Core Security Has Extensive Visibility Into Threats:

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  • Protect over 400 million enterprise devices worldwide
  • View nearly 50% of North American Internet and mobile traffic
  • Database increases by 22 billion records per day
“In order to stop today’s advanced threats, first you have to detect them. Our traditional security controls weren’t doing that. That’s where [Core Security] comes in.
 — Fortune 500 entertainment company

Contain Threats Instead Of Chasing Alerts

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Prevention devices are a necessary first layer of protection. When they fail - and they will - Network Insight discovers infected devices that have eluded preventative controls. Instead of relying on any single detection technique, Network Insight discovers successful infections with certainty by:
  • Understanding the network behavior of the device 
  • Analyzing payload content 
  • Applying Core Security’s intelligence about malicious destinations, command and control communications and threat actors

Instead of relying on any one technique or a snapshot in time, Network Insight operates in real-time and gathers evidence over time. Network Insight produces actionable intelligence using multiple techniques: 

  1. Analyze network traffic using patent-pending communication and risk profilers 
  2. Passes information to the Case Analyzer which determines, with certainty, the infection status 
  3. Provides responders with a definitive verdict and forensic evidence about infected devices and their risk level
“One hundred percent of the machines that [Network Insight] has identified as infected have in fact been infected.” 
— Global family entertainment enterprise

“[Network Insight] is an important tool in an organization’s incident response efforts. You can’t respond to what you don’t see. [Core Security] both accurately detects malicious activity and enables us to respond effectively.”
— CISO at the University of Tampa

See Core Network Insight in Action!

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