Three Ways Enterprise-Grade Identity Governance Now Works for Small and Mid-Sized Organizations

For small and mid-sized organizations, mitigating identity-related access risks may seem like a never-ending struggle they face on their own. Tasked with supporting countless systems, networks, and applications with access to key data, they frequently have limited staff and rely on manual user provisioning and deprovisioning. They may depend on decentralized processes for managing accounts—limiting their visibility into access levels and magnifying access risks across the business.

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) also face similar security regulatory compliance demands as global organizations, but typically lack the resources of these large enterprises. Their IT and security teams may find themselves struggling to do more with less and unable to keep up with the complexity of providing and managing access in a timely, reliable manner. Building roles that align to the needs of the business and that integrate with existing solutions often seems too far out of reach. And this has contributed to increased risks and greater opportunity for potentially damaging access to go undetected.

The Gap Between What’s Available and What’s Needed for SMBs

Small and mid-sized organizations are no more immune from identity-related access risks and cyberattacks than larger enterprise organizations, but identity governance has not been within reach or easily accessible to them. There is an obvious gap between what SMBs need and the enterprise-grade identity governance solutions available for these organizations today.  

So how can SMBs leverage identity governance and administration solutions specifically tailored for their unique needs? The answer is by taking advantage of the best in identity governance software and using data-driven insights, redesigned with features and capabilities specifically created for them, to mitigate their identity-related access risks. Here are three specific areas where IGA should be tailored for small and medium-sized organizations:

#1: Ease of Deployment to Get Going Quickly

For SMBs that may lack the budget and resources of larger enterprises, it’s essential to leverage tailored functionality in an IGA software solution that enables them to drastically reduce professional services implementation costs. An IGA solution for SMBs should also provide automated workflow design, improved data management, and built-in data collection that significantly reduces the time and effort it takes to get up and running.

#2: Instant Insight Into What’s Going On

With limited time and staff, small and mid-sized organizations need to identify and view their most important access information quickly. This enables them to increase visibility into what’s going on in their business, and prioritize and manage access that may pose a risk to the organization. IGA solutions that support the needs of SMBs should offer a modern, intuitive experience that show at-a-glance metrics and key performance indicators in real time.  

#3: Leveraging Cloud Support for Your Infrastructure

With the rise of cloud computing, organizations of all sizes have expanded their reliance upon cloud platforms. Small and mid-sized organizations that have moved or are looking to make the move to cloud should seek an IGA solution that is flexible enough to work within any infrastructure. Whether you have a hybrid environment or are fully on cloud, look for enhanced deployment options to include private cloud deployments—making it easy to embrace and support your cloud strategy in your SMB.

A New Path Toward Managing Identity Chaos

The role of IGA in any SMB should enable them to manage who has access to what systems and when, and deliver the most efficient path to mitigating identity risk. This helps maintain least privilege access levels across the business. For small and mid-sized companies that want to simplify the complexity of managing identities and decrease identity-related risks in their organization, Core Security now offers enterprise-grade identity governance software with streamlined deployment and functionality that makes IGA software a reality for SMBs.

Our new SMB offering provides the fastest and most intelligent path to managing identity chaos, empowering small and mid-sized companies to build more intelligent, efficient, and impactful identity governance and access management programs. The new SMB offering complements the enterprise IGA software solutions from Core Security that has provided global organizations data-driven insight and intelligence to mitigate their biggest identity-related access risks for nearly 25 years.

We enable companies of all sizes to quickly visualize what access looks like in their business, empower intelligence-enabled data to enhance decision making, and reduce the most critical access-related risks, fast. Because doing more with less is an essential part of keeping up with the challenges of identity governance—no matter what form it takes.

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