Core Security Announces Availability of Enterprise-Grade Identity Governance Software for Small and Mid-Sized Organizations| Press Release

Core Security Announces Availability of Enterprise-Grade Identity Governance Software for Small and Mid-Sized Organizations

Streamlined deployment and new functionality makes IGA software a reality for SMBs


MINNEAPOLIS (September 22, 2020)—Core Security, a Fortra Company, today announced the availability of its enterprise-level Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) software with tailored functionality to address the specific needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). This new offering reduces implementation costs, making IGA solutions obtainable for organizations that may lack the staffing and resources of larger, global enterprises.

While smaller organizations face similar security and compliance demands as larger organizations, they have had to rely on decentralized, manual user provisioning and deprovisioning. They have also lacked visibility into access levels across the organization. This has led to increased risks and greater opportunity for potentially damaging access to go undetected.

“Small and mid-sized organizations are no more immune from identity-related access risks and cyberattacks than larger enterprise organizations, but identity governance solutions have not been within reach,” said John Racine, Managing Director, Core Security, a Fortra Company. “We understand this gap and have redesigned features and added capabilities with them in mind.”

The Core Security IGA solution offers SMBs automated workflow design, improved data management, and built-in data collection to make it simple for organizations to get up and running. The new offering also supports organizations in their hybrid or cloud environments.

The new SMB offering complements the enterprise IGA software solutions from Core Security that have provided global organizations data-driven insight and intelligence to mitigate their biggest identity-related access risks for nearly 25 years.

The Core IGA offering for small and medium-sized enterprises is available starting in September 2020.


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