Identity Management & Identity Governance with Core Access Insight

Resolve immediate threats and improve ongoing provisioning and governance with predictive analytics applied to the big identity and access data in your enterprise.

Core Access Insight

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Core Access Insight (formerly Access Insight) helps resolve immediate threats with prognostic analytics applied to the big identity and access data in your enterprise. By creating in-depth views of areas of access through visually intuitive heat maps, Core Access Insight provides a comprehensive, real-time view of the multi-dimensional relationships between identities, access rights, policies, resources, and activities across a multitude of enterprise systems and resources.

Categorize and remediate access risk threats through continuous user access compliance monitoring. Core Access Insight applies custom analytics to massive amounts of identity and access data. 


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Automatically Evaluate And Act Upon Risks

Automatically evaluate and act upon risks associated with users’ access and activities.

Continuously Govern

Continuously govern through on-demand micro-certifications.

Automatically Identify and Remediate Improper Access

Automatically identify and remediate improper user access that could harm your organization.

Model Activity Patterns

Analyze massive amounts of identity and access data against policy and company-defined models of activity patterns.

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With Core Access Insight, make sure that the right people have the right access to the right resources and that they are doing the right things with those resources.
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