Access Insight

Intelligent analytics to address immediate threats, improve ongoing provisioning, and enhance governance across your enterprise

All businesses, regardless of industry, need to manage the exploding universe of identities, devices, and data that employees require to do their jobs. The growing use of mobile devices and cloud computing means risk management and compliance is extending beyond traditional enterprise boundaries. 

Added regulatory pressures, threats from outsiders going through seemingly legitimate access paths, evolving business rules, and the relationships between users, their activities, and their access rights presents a major challenge for any organization. 

Unfortunately, compliance audits do not always mitigate the risk associated with users having inappropriate access. Most companies that have been breached are compliant at the time of the breach. The gap in time between when users are provisioned and when audit checks are conducted exposes organizations to anomalous access and behavior.

Access Insight identifies the risk associated with any misalignment between users and their access within your organization, and drives provisioning and governance controls to manage that risk. Our industry-leading solution is specifically designed to answer the critical questions of ‘Who has access to what resources?’ and ‘Have they been given the right level of access?’ Access Insight provides IT security, compliance, business, and risk professionals with the data and tools they need to successfully deal with these complex challenges.

The Right Access Risk Intelligence Solution for Every Need

Access Insight provides a comprehensive, continuous view and analysis of the relationships between identities, access rights, policies, resources, and activities across a multitude of enterprise systems and resources. It works with Core Security’s industry-leading portfolio of Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) solutions or in conjunction with other IGA solutions to identify potential risks to the business, so you can quickly modify access as needed. Access Insight also integrates with virtually any data sources and commonly-used security management applications, and enables you to easily configure policies that align with your organization’s corporate and regulatory policies—alerting you to intentional or unintentional violations.

How the Access Insight Analytics Engine Works

Access Insight pulls in large amounts of identity and access data continuously, and stores this information in a proprietary in-memory access analytics engine. By correlating identity and access relationships to identify and prioritize risks, the engine easily reveals all deeply nested relationships that exist between user identities and their granular access within the organization. These analytics identify potential risk in a current or historical perspective across lines of business, governance, operations, and applications.

  • A business-friendly dashboard offers a variety of graphical displays and interactive interfaces, so that an organization’s access-related risks and risk levels can be easily viewed by line of-business managers and authorized users. The access analytics engine continuously gathers and synchronizes an organization’s information from multiple sources to compile a complete picture of an organization’s identities, access rights, resources, and activity.
  • Automated data collection increases operational efficiency and reduces operational costs by eliminating labor-intensive processes and drawn-out efforts to demonstrate compliance.
  • Notifications alert you to changes and non-adherence to your organization’s corporate and regulatory policies. These automated alerts enable you to quickly assess the risk, so appropriate action can be taken immediately, allowing you to continuously maintain compliance in your organization. 
  • Remediation controls automatically identify and remediate improper access, including intentional and malicious changes to user access that could harm your organization, and unintended changes to access. 
  • Changes in normal access activity patterns may be a signal of nefarious or malicious behavior. So access analytics provide the ability to analyze large amounts of identity and access data against policy. This can be used to quickly identify unused or obsolete access entitlements. Plus drill-down capabilities allow you to further investigate details for potential threats and resolve risks immediately
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Product Benefits

  • Evaluate and act upon risks associated with user access and activities 
  • Easily identify and remediate improper user access that could harm your organization
  • Analyze massive amounts of identity and access data against policies
  • Make informed decisions about the appropriate access designated to each role in your organization 
  • Understand complex access structures through intuitive visualizations