Closing the Gap on Access Risk

Access-related risks represent one of the biggest obstacles organizations must address in a complex threat landscape—and they are lurking everywhere. Whether from changes in the business, like hiring, promotions, or transfers, from business growth and transformation, including M&A activity, corporate reorganizations, or new product introductions, from infrastructure changes, like new platforms, applications, and systems, or from insider threats, which can arise intentionally or unintentionally, access risks present a constant threat to the business.

Based on results from the 2020 Identity and Access Management Report, view this on-demand webinar, featuring Mike Lynch, Senior Sales Engineer at Core Security, a HelpSystems Company, and Holger Schulze, CEO and Founder, Cybersecurity Insiders. Learn how your organization can leverage identity governance and administration (IGA) to mitigate identity-related access risks within your business.

This webinar takes a deep dive into the latest report findings, including: 

  • How identity governance and administration enables organizations to close the gap on access-related risks
  • How unauthorized access incidents are reduced in organizations that leverage strategic IGA programs and solutions
  • The latest trends, challenges, gaps, and solution preferences for IGA
  • How protecting privileged accounts is essential in reducing access risks
  • How the right IGA framework can bolster risk management and enhance your overall security posture
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