Advanced Threat Detection Toolkit

Uncover hidden infections before they cause harm

How do you know if there is malware lurking in your environment?

Even with safeguards in place, countless organizations have still been successfully breached, resulting in lost time, money, and data. With attacks increasing in frequency and sophistication on every available endpoint, preventative measures must now be layered with effective methods of detection.  Advanced threat detection solutions monitor every type of device, confirming infections in real time so that if malware does sneak through,  you can act quickly and drastically reduce dwell time.

Learn how to outmaneuver attackers by catching infections before they result in a data breach, with resources on:

  • Using evidence based analysis to identify compromised devices
  • How advanced threat detection solutions thwart specifc threats like Ryuk, Smominru, and Mirai
  • Defining false positives and their role in confirming active infections 
  • The importance of advanced threat detection in remote work environments

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