Implementing Strategic Cloud Security

The efficiency of cloud platforms has led to an increased reliance over the years, with many organizations now operating from a "cloud-first" principle. Unfortunately, with all the benefits of the cloud, many have developed blind spots when it comes to security. As the cloud becomes prevalent in nearly every aspect of business, cloud security becomes an increasingly larger endeavor. 

The complexities of managing a single cloud platform, let alone multi-cloud or distributed environments, can lead to disastrous consequences including theft of sensitive information, data loss, lengthy business disruptions, and more. So how can organizations take advantage of the many benefits of the cloud while also ensuring its security?

In this guide, get a thorough overview of cloud security challenges and advice on effective risk reduction, with topics including:

  • Why attackers target the cloud
  • The shared responsibility of cloud environments
  • The consequences of poor cloud security 
  • Real world examples of cloud breaches
  • The need for proactive security approaches 
  • A comprehensive checklist of cloud security needs

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