Network Insight Proof of Concept (POC)

Revealing Threats Other Solutions Miss

A Network Insight Proof of Concept (POC) demonstrates how your specific environment can benefit from the advanced threat intelligence and real-time actionable detection that Network Insight provides for every device in your network.

During the POC, our engineers will install both a sensor and management console in your environment. For maximum flexibility, the sensor can be installed virtually or as on-site physical hardware. Once active, the sensor will immediately begin to passively monitor network communications, gathering and relaying relevant information to the management console, which provides data visualization and analysis.

Throughout your 30 day POC, you’ll also get a preview of our world class support, with expert-led working sessions to walk you through results, answer questions, and teach you how to take advantage of all the features Network Insight has to offer.


Proof of Concept Timeline

  Activity Outcome
  • Schedule installation
  • Discuss deployment
You'll fully understand the passive deployment model and technical architecture of Network Insight
Day One
  • Install Network Insight appliance
  • Set up passive data feed through port mirror or network tap
Upon install, Network Insight automatically discovers and classifies devices. You’ll now have access to the interface and data visualizations so you can get to know Network Insight.
Week 1
  • Discussion around UI, walkthrough each section of UI (Settings, Diagnostics, etc.)
  • Check and tune traffic to make sure traffic feed is inline with normal use
  • First working session focuses on understanding different types of threats, setting up alerts and workflows, and tailoring Network Insight to your environment
Our experts will make sure you’re confident in using Network Insight, and any new or existing infections will immediately be detected.
Week 2
  • Second working session focuses on additional features like threat hunting, integrations, and use of the threat database
  • Overview of findings thus far
You’ll see more of the dynamic features of Network Insight, and be able to discuss any incidents or any other questions.
Week 3
  • Third working session may include discussion of the case analyzer and how Network Insight confirms infections and the different types of reports you can create
  • Overview of findings thus far
You’ll learn what sets Network Insight apart from other solutions, and experience the confidence and peace of mind that comes from only receiving actionable alerts.
Week 4
  • Final meeting with Network Insight Experts to go through a full overview of the results from the POC, and discuss the long-term ROI of Network Insight
  • Users receive a detailed report of their findings, along with an executive summary, and a pricing quote
You’ll have a full overview of the data collected, and a more complete picture of what Network Insight can do for your organization.
  • Follow-up
Even though the POC is complete, we’re always available to answer any additional questions


Datasheet Testimonials

It was a ‘no brainer’ decision to purchase Network Insight. It found infections immediately that Darktrace had completely missed.

- Senior IT Director, Large Telecommunications Company  

With the growing use of personal devices within our network, comes increased risk. We needed a solution to automate the process of finding the botnet threats. Core Security Network Insight was chosen based on its auto-detection capability and its ability to easily pinpoint infected assets.

CISO, Large University

Network Insight provides me, as a security architect, with a level of visibility that I’ve never had before. I don’t have to try to guess at the effectiveness of my security architecture anymore.

Security Architect, Financial Services Institution

During our Proof of Concept, Network Insight found four active threats less than two days after installation. Our other tools missed them completely—choosing Network Insight was not a difficult decision after that.

Security Team Member, Large Institution