Getting Inside the Mind of an Attacker: Active Directory Attack Scenarios

Active Directory is often considered the holy grail for cyber attackers, and for good reason. Once they have control of this critical asset, they essentially have the keys to the kingdom and can easily access, create, or modify any of the main accounts, including trust relationships and domain security policies. Despite best efforts and intentions, Active Directory may be far more at risk than we would like. But how can you better protect this essential asset? Perhaps the best way to start is to understand exactly how attackers are successfully accessing it in the first place.

In this webinar, you’ll walk through real world attack scenarios, getting a glimpse inside the mind of an attacker as they take advantage of different security weaknesses in order to gain control. In addition to exploring ways actual attackers have effectively taken over Active Directory, cybersecurity expert Fernando Diaz will provide actionable advice on how to anticipate such attacks and close security gaps before a breach ever takes place.

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Want to learn how attackers achieve persistance in Active Directory?

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