2020 Pen Testing Survey Report

Pen Testing Seen as a Critical Tool for Reducing Risk and Staying Compliant

Pen testing is a security strategy in which ethical hackers assess an environment’s security posture by exploiting weaknesses, simulating what would happen if an organization was hit with a real-world attack. These tests provide organizations with invaluable information that can be a roadmap to remediation.

The 2020 Pen Testing Report highlights results from a comprehensive survey of more than 800 individuals on pen testing, focusing on the strengths, needs, and challenges of pen testing, and the role it plays across organizations. With 85% of respondents reporting that they pen test at least once a year, it is clear that pen testing has become a common, if not standard, practice. Though not without its challenges, pen testing is widely considered an effective way to reduce risk, with 67% percent of respondents considering pen testing important to their organization's security posture.

Within the report, you'll find additional insights from cybersecurity professionals across industries on their experiences with pen testing, including:

  • Overall security confidence and concerns
  • Challenges and obstacles for pen testing programs
  • In-house pen testing teams
  • Pen testing tools and strategies

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