Best Practices for Effective Phishing Simulations eCourse

How Vulnerable is Your Organization to a Phishing Attack?

People have been getting phishing emails for years, but they still remain a viable way for attackers to gain access to someone's system. In the case of organizations, this can be particularly problematic, as a simple careless click can lead to threat actors gaining access to the entire network across the IT environment. However, a strategic social engineering campaign performed by a pen tester will give an organization data on how vulnerable they are to such attacks and serve as educational opportunities to teach employees about ways to recognize and avoid getting phished. But how does one go about beginning a social engineering program at their organization?

Join Bob Erdman, noted cybersecurity expert and senior product manager at Core Security for the Best Practices for Effective Phishing Simulations eCourse and learn why these campaigns can be so effective, as well as key strategies pen testers use throughout the process of creating a social engineering campaign, with lessons on:

  • Reasons to Conduct Phishing Campaigns
  • Approaches to Phishing
  • Frequency and Timing
  • Audiences
  • Building Effective Phishing Campaigns
  • Phishing Examples
  • Remediation

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