Visual Identity Suite

An intelligent, visual-first approach to role creation and access certification

Solution Overview 

As part of the Core Security Identity Governance and Administration portfolio of solutions, Visual Identity Suite (VIS) empowers organizations to see user privileges and access certifications in a whole new way—leveraging an intelligent, visual-first approach. 

Our leading-edge user interface enables administrators, managers, and users to make informed decisions and quickly see common user entitlements, identify outliers, and ensure the right people have the right access to the right systems at the right time and for the right reasons. 

Visual Identity Suite is offered in a cloud delivery model, works with any Identity Governance and Administration solution, and features the following two solution modules:

Core Role Designer: A modern way of building roles. With Core Role Designer, it is easy to see patterns of access that should define roles by examining the clusters of access across individual users. Common access clusters establish a clearly defined role. 

Core Certify: Deliver a visual-first approach by automatically clustering like-access together to simplify the access review and certification process. As part of this cloud-delivered suite, managers can now simultaneously accept or reject clusters of access for multiple users with just a few clicks, saving time, increasing accuracy, and reducing certification fatigue.

Intelligent Role-Based Access

Core Role Designer shows logical groupings of users and entitlements that give you the intelligence, power, and control to create the right roles for your organization. This enables you to focus on role definitions and role assignments rather than individual accounts, decreasing access risks and bolstering your organizational security. Then as your business grows and evolves, our solution continually learns how your access environment is changing and can automatically suggest changes to role definitions. This reduces role-overlap, avoids overprovisioning, and incorporates new access so your role definitions keep pace with the access requirements of your users.

Streamlined Access Certification 

A visual-first approach that relies on intelligent-enabled context for access certification saves time and streamlines the entire identity governance process. Core Certify simplifies the access certification process, while reducing identity-related risks. Leverage leading-edge graphical visualizations to clearly and quickly see common user entitlements and rapidly identify outliers. Accelerate and improve the accuracy of access reviews and approvals with the ability to easily and intelligently view user access and entitlements within the same dashboard. 

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Solution Benefits 

  • Simplify and streamline identity governance processes 
  • Focus on role definitions and role assignments rather than individual accounts 
  • View privileges and access certifications through a user-friendly interface 
  • Keep pace with the evolving access requirements of your users 
  • Reduce the risk of errors and increase reviewer accuracy 
  • Save time and eliminate spreadsheets as part of the access review process 
  • Reduce identity-related access risks and improve your security posture 
  • Safeguard critical data, systems, and assets
  • Stay compliant with industry standards and government regulations 

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