Offensive Security Product Bundles

Vulnerability management, penetration testing, and red teaming


Our modern threat landscape is constantly evolving and a proactive approach must now be as central to any security strategy as defensive tactics. Reactive controls will always be a necessity, but organizations can also work to reduce the attack surface by anticipating a breach and detecting and responding to security weaknesses before serious impact is felt.  

Get ahead of attackers with the help of offensive security solutions that identify and prioritize risk, provide actionable insights and creating a pathway to remediation. Our Offensive Security Bundles streamline multiple layers of complexity to create a mature security program and ensure your organization can prevent successful cyberattacks.

Bundle Solutions for Maximum Coverage

With the Offensive Security Bundles, you can assemble your proactive security portfolio all in one place, choosing the combination that best fits the needs and security stance of your organization. Each one of our bundle offerings provides centralization and reduced console fatigue that will enhance and accelerate your security. Choosing an Offensive Security Bundle doesn’t just mature your security at a discounted price. By consolidating vendors, you’ll also benefit from the efficiency of having the same best-in-class sales and technical support that Fortra offers across solutions. 

Fortra VM & Core Impact

Essentials Bundle
Core Impact & Cobalt Strike

Advanced Bundle
Fortra VM, Core Impact, & Cobalt Strike

Elite Bundle
Cobalt Strike & Outflank Security Tooling

Red Team Bundle
Core Impact, Cobalt Strike, & Outflank Security Tooling

Advanced Red Team Bundle

Anticipate Attacks with Offensive Security Solutions

Vulnerability Management

  • Scans environment to identify security weaknesses that can be exploited by an attacker
  • Uses external information for risk prioritization
  • Can be automated and frequently run to provide up-to-date picture of security
  • Often required for compliance regulations
  • Fortra VM - SaaS vulnerability management solution with proprietary technology for superior network security assessments


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Layering Solutions for a Mature Security Posture

Cobalt Strike & Outflank OST

Advanced Security Testing Teams

Find out the strength of your defensive strategies during an attack.

•   Adversary Simulation and Red Teaming Operations
•   Post-exploitation exercises
•   Emulate embedded attacker
•   Flexible Framework
•   Evasion of defensive measures and detection tools

Core Impact

Maturing Security Programs

Better understand what security vulnerabilities are putting you most at risk.

  • Automated Rapid Penetration Tests
  • Multi-vector tests including network, web application, and social engineering
  • Certified exploit library
  • Centralized toolset

Fortra VM

Foundational Cybersecurity

A detailed picture of what vulnerabilities are in your environment.

•   Risk context for remediation prioritization
•   Intelligent Vulnerability Management
•   Tailored scans
•   Compliance Validation

Need help figuring out which bundle is right for you?

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