It was an exciting month getting ready for the release of CORE Impact Pro v12.3 - including a lot of phone calls with customers to review how their feature requests were being implemented into Impact -  and lots of fun planning with internal builds of the new version. We were also busy working with some vendors having responsibly disclosed vulnerabilities discovered by CORE Security Consulting Services and CORE Labs within SAP (see associated blog) and Microsoft products. We worked closely with these vendors to help them release mitigation patches and guidelines to their customers. But with all of that going on we didn't stop producing exploits for Impact. In April we released ten exploits or updates to exploits for client-side and remote. The most interesting exploit was Microsoft Windows MSCOMCTL Exploit (MS12-027), released April 17th. The vulnerability was announced and patched by Microsoft on April 10th.   Updates for April 2012 (excluding maintenance updates): Remote Code Execution

  • LotusCMS router PHP Command Injection Exploit
  • Novell ZENworks Configuration Management Preboot Service Opcode 0x4c Buffer Overflow Exploit
  • Miniserv Perl Format String Exploit (Update)
  • Netmechanica NetDecision HTTP Server Buffer Overflow Exploit
  • SolarWinds Storage Manager Server SQL Injection Authentication Bypass Exploit

Client Side

  • NetOp Remote Control Client Buffer Overflow Exploit
  • Microsoft Office Excel RTD Data Record Processing Stack Overwrite Exploit MS11-021 (Update)
  • Adobe Reader Font SING Table Buffer Overflow Exploit (Update)
  • Atlassian FishEye Struts 2 ExceptionDelegator Remote Code Execution Exploit
  • Microsoft Windows MSCOMCTL Exploit (MS12-027)